Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday used to be my favorite bar in town. Now it's closed and in it's place is a Quiznos hehe.

Well I decided what I'm going to do. I'm going back to the most enjoyable diet we've tried in the past - Weight Watchers. When we tried WW, I lost I think it was 31lbs. The diet was really doable and enjoyable. I have no real good reason/excuse for quitting other than my WW buddy (I was actually going to the meetings and all that crap.) got pregnant and therefore got kicked out. They don't let pregnant women stay on WW until they gave birth apparently. Well my baby fever was peaking at that point, and I thought it was so incredibly unfair that she had gotten pregnant and I couldn't. She was heavier than me, and already had a 5 month old baby. And I was loosing my WW buddy to boot. How unfair is life, wah wah wah. Tina had a beautiful baby girl, one that looks like a cherub with ringlets and chubby cheeks and everything, Jacky was pregnant, and Chantal was also pregnant. The whole world but me was pregnant! wah wah wah! heh. I can laugh about it now as my baby fever has subsided. But then I was having a total jealousy meltdown. DH found me crying my heart out in my pillow and did the only thing he knew would make me giddy again. He fetched me a bucket of fried chicken. And the bingeing never stopped.

On Sunday night I was feeling all sorry for my fat self, and thought about how Heather said that often when she was feeling broken, she would open her Bible and often it would fall right to a spot that really spoke to her. So I tore the plastic wrap off my Bible, shut my eyes really tight and prayed that God would throw me a bone. My eyes fell on something titled "The Singners". Hmm.. Well singing is my passion, and I obviously can't stuff my piehole while singing.... Then I decided that I was trying too hard and that God probably just wanted me to stop whining and start exercising.

Monday (yesterday), I was at the drugstore refilling a prescription... That new Shoppers Drug Mart on Champlain where they loan you a pager so that you can go spend all your money in the rest of the store and page you when your refill is ready. So while I was waiting, I was browsing through the magazine/book section, and noticed that the new WW cookbook had a 25% off sticker on it. So I decided to buy it. The recipes look really amazing and delicious. Then I decided that that's what I'll do. Go back on WW. Not TO WW. I don't care to wake up early on Saturday mornings to attend meetings where they'll swap 2 point brownie recipes. Because if I could stop at ONE-2pt brownie, I wouldn't HAVE to go to WW. I might join online though, since I'm a geek.

WW really did work for us in the past. Although I still find myself thinking " I couldn't possibly lose weight eating those delicious recipes". In my mind, losing weight means eating plain steamed vegetables and tasteless chicken breasts. Avoiding all grains and sugars and eating like a mathematician robot. But WW has to work, it's worked for a lot of other people. Why not me? Steph particularly LOVES the idea of doing WW, since whole wheat grains are not against the law on that plan. The recipe book I just bought also has some incredible looking dessert recipes. Why couldn't I eat a healthy dessert say, every second day, if I calculate it in my daily point ? allowance ?

Sooooo, stay tuned for the adventures of CrazyMrsNancy and her daily points allowances :)


Jenn said...

Nancy ~
Good luck with WW. My sister and my MIL were very successful on it, but it took time. My sister added exercise and has been able to keep it off. (((Hugs)))

Hobby Chef said...

Good luck, Nancy! I heart WW. What I love best about it is just what you said - you can eat a dessert of have cocktails, if you budget for it in your points.

Melissa said...

Hey if you want try www.sparkpeople.com

With that website it gives you meal ideas, you put in your weight/height and your activity level and it gives you how many calories you need to eat/burn in order to lose weight. Also you can put in your own food and it gives you your calories.

Gives you simple introductory exercises you can do basically while sitting in front of the TV and well it just tracks things for you and makes you more aware of what you need to mostly cut out of your diet... but allow you to eat almost anything, just gives you better portions or substitutes.

In the past 8 weeks it has helped me drop 24 lbs!!

Heather said...

Yay! I'm glad the Bible is out of the shrink wrap.

Good luck with WW - I think it's a really positive plan that I've only heard good things about. You know we're all pulling for you in Internetville.