Monday, July 24, 2006

Another weekend bites the dust..

I can't believe it's already Monday. Sigh. I've got the blahs. I can' t shake them off. I thought I would feel chippier this morning as that's usually the case with my Sunday evening blahs... but alas, I still feel like crappe onne toaste. (Gilmore Girls joke heh) It doesn't help that it's cool, grey and wet. I know it'll be good for my new lawn, but there's just something very depressing about a wet soggy Monday morning. Anyways, I think I'm going to take my 2 remaining vacation weeks in August instead of saving a week for December. Christmas falls during the week anyway and with boxing day and new year etc. I think I need the vacation now.

I don't remember if I've blogged about my latest failed attempt at weight loss. This time I only lasted 5 days. I returned to my old ways oh, about 2 weeks ago. And it took me 2 days to gain back the 11lbs i had lost. This was supposed to be my last attempt at weight loss. Obviously I can't really give up at 26 years old. (Hanging on to that 26 for 2 more weeks.) But this weekend I confessed to one of my best friends that I had eaten a ridiculous amount of Eggos earlier in the week, and that me and Steph had just shared a "Special for 4" Deluxe meal. She went all Dr. Phil on my ass. I was really mad at her for calling me out like that. I had just had three Baccardis (As if it were my birthday), and she had killed my buzz. I was so mad that I declared (to my bottle of baccardi) that I wasn't going to IM with her the next day, to show her how mad I was. The next day, I woke up feeling glad that at least someone cared, and went straight to my IM to chat with her. Then I decided that I can't give up and that I'll just have to suck it up and try harder. I never told my friend that I had gotten upset at all, and she reads my blog (*waves*) . I hope that her reading that she gave me a little bit of encouragement makes up for the fact that I got mad at her for going kung fu on my ass.

I don't know what I'm going to do different this time. It seems like everytime I start a "Not-Diet" (Because Diet is an evil word and everyone says that Diets don't work, that we should call them " Way of Life" and all that crap, but let's get real. Diet really sums it up.) I always try something new that I'm sure is going to help make things easier. I feel like I'm fresh out of new tricks. Ah well, if other people can learn to tolerate vegetables, so can I. I don't know why I find them so disgusting. They LOOK pretty, they smell good, yet they taste bitter and poisonous. I shall learn to tolerate exercise too. Other people can do it, why can't I ? I just have to suck it up and tolerate the pain.

The hardest thing though is how doing all these awful things takes away most of my precious 'me' time. I can barely get up in the mornings to drag my ass to work, so getting up early is not an option at this time. Getting up between 6 and 7am makes me nauseous. Although I have to say if I had more discipline and went to bed earlier and got more than 5-6 hours of sleep maybe my whole face wouldn't burn so much in the mornings. Go to my sedentary job, come home and cook, do a load of laundry, clean up, then work outside in the garden for an hour or two then chat with my best friends online and watch TV for 3 hours until midnight. (Unless it rains then I chat longer heh) The gardening thing is starting to grow on me, but I really live for those 3 hours of TV and computer. I feel like that's what makes my work week liveable. I know, I know. whine whine whine. I just have to suck it up and "Just do it" as the Nike people would say.

I just thought of something that might be different for this new weight loss effort after all. The motivation of possibly going to my high school reunion next year. Although it kind of feels undoable because I could lose 100 lbs and I would still be the same weight I was when I graduated I think. I was avoiding the scale back then so I can't be sure.

Well anyway, how's this for worstening my case of the blahs and inflicting it on everyone else ? :P


Hobby Chef said...

I have the blahs too - but don't blame yourself ... I had them when I got to work today. :-) Hope it helps to know there is someone else hating Monday.

Mindy said...

Nancy -

So what is it that you think sabotages your diet? Do you know? I think knowing that would REALLY help you. Big time.

Or - you could come to Las Vegas. Something about it being 115 degrees makes food SO unappealing. :)

Best wishes to you - and YAY for having such a good friend that she told you what you NEEDED to hear - whether you liked it or not!

Scatterbrain said...

it's okay that you were mad, I can handle it, and I'd do the same thing again only cause I care. :p