Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who moved my cheese ?

Have you ever read that book "Who moved my cheese?" It's about ways to deal with change. (In your work and in your life.) I think I'm a split cheese kind of person. On one hand, I LOVE to be impulsive. When I want something, I want it NOW! I'm the type of girl who'll come home to her husband with all her hair chopped off, and colored several shades darker/lighter. (9/10 times, said husband doesn't even NOTICE, but that's a whole other story :P) I'm also the type who'll decide to go a trip at the last minute, or move the furniture around at 2 o'clock in the morning. BUT I often have a hard time adjusting to the consequences of my impulsive choices. For example after a haircut I'll stare at myself in the mirror for 10 minutes everytime I use the washroom, trying to imagine different ways to wear my hair so that I like it better.

This time it's about my living room furniture. It was delivered saturday (YAY!). I LOVE each piece (and there are many, as the sofa is a sectional hehe). All the pieces (Sofa, Chair, TV, Unit shelves etc) all go together really well. My living room looks so radically different. It's a LOT more comfortable. Yet I can't get used to it. Yes, I was up at 2 o'clock saturday morning, moving my furniture around. First I have to explain that not only is the new furniture responsible for the huge change, I also finally let DH win the never-ending tv location battle. We've been debating about the perfect TV location ever since we moved in our second appartment. 6 'homes' ago.

Of course he prefers functionality over design and aesthetics. Hmph. Our old tv used to sit in a corner. Steph hated that. Apparently watching tv at an angle is just not acceptable. So long story short, the new plasma tv is now mounted to the wall where our couch used to be. Anyways, I should snap a picture or two and ask for your input. Maybe you can put your finger on what's missing. Is it because the new furniture has no 'charm' (aka cat claw marks and dog pee stains) ? Is it because it's such a different style ? Is it because I'm not used to not having a tv stand/entertainment unit ? Maybe I just need some artwork in there ? The only picture I had in there was in the spot where the new tv is now, so I relocated it in the kitchen/dining room and tossed the two pictures that were there. I was so sick of them. They didn't go at all with this house and the colors we now have. Is it because it's an open concept and the eating area looks too formal compared to the contemporary theatre-style living room ?

I should just post pictures tonight to show yall what I mean. (PS I don't say yall in real life, it just sounds good in my head.) But I'm kind of embarrassed because it's a work in progress at the moment. The cables are still dangling all over the place and the room feels naked to me with no artwork. Ah well.

Despite the living room's weirdness, we enjoyed it quite a bit this weekend. Steph bought the "Band of Brothers" mini-series DVD and I bought the first 2 seasons of the Gilmore Girls. We took turns : 1 episode of Band of Brothers for 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls. Because Band of Brothers lasts longer. Oh and we managed to keep Loki from marking on the furniture so far. We just keep him on a leash for now when we're not in one of the rooms. It's working for now... until we find a more suitable solution. We thought of putting one of those wireless electric fences under the couch LOL! I don't know how they work but it would be too cruel.

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