Friday, June 09, 2006

A Friday Morning Gift!

Well I guess it kinda worked. The peanut butter logs and the almond bark and party mix lifted my mood. But the price to pay was horrible. I woke up in the middle of the night with cold sweats, my girth making some really funky noises. Spent a precious hour of the night on the can. Ugh. Next time remind me to go for the Tequilla instead.

I woke up this morning feeling hungover. Really. Steph was extremely tired also, we were both really cranky. He said that we had to stop at Tim Hortons for coffee to make things right. I said "Okay, well you do the garbages while I eat breakfast then, it's garbage day". Him "Angry mumblings". So him doing the garbages actually means me taking the trash out of the can, tying it, throwing away any funky food, asking him "Did you do the bathroom garbage ? Bedroom ? Computer room food wrappers?" Then I asked the impossible of him, I asked him to throw away the garbage under the backyard deck that we found yesterday, courtesy of my brother I'm sure. He said "You're going out of your way to find garbage!" Pfft! Yeah because that's my favorite hobby. Do you want me to call the neighbors to see if they have any trash you could pick up ?

By the way, if you haven't noticed, today's word of the day is "Funky". It's Heather's fault. I "caught" it on her blog. It's contagious. Have you ever seen That 70's show episode where they sing " Won't you take me to... Funky Towwwwwwwwwwn!" ? Me and Steph had that song stuck in our heads for WEEKS we were singing that all day long at home, and we were singing it to the dog, and singing "Won't you take me to... Pitou Towwwwwwwwwn?" (Pitou is puppy in french hehe) Yeah we're crazy like that. Last nigth we were singing to the dog "Who let the pitou's out woof woof woof woof" Because it actually played on the radio ugh. I'm actually glad to have "Funky Town" in my head instead of that stupid dogs song.

So yeah, a Friday morning gift! As I was saying, I walked into work like a bitter cranky zombie this morning. I started my coffee-blog routine, and when I got to Heather's, I realized that I had somehow forgotten about her 2nd blog!! FORGOT! So I have a wholllllllle bunch of Heather goodiness to read this morning! (Is there anyone else with a 2nd blog I don't know about ??) Speaking of bloggers, where the HECK is Leah ? She hasn't blogged in 2 months, I never see her on msn.... Well she sent those adorable pictures of Hannah Banana the other day and I was going to tell her in person how adorable she was but I haven't seen her since!!!

I've been thinking a LOT about my wedding dress lately. For those who don't know, 4 months after my wedding in 2003, I lent my wedding dress to my friend Samantha. I have been harrassing her for a LONG time to get my wedding dress back and now she seems to ignore me on msn and not answer my emails. I would like to think that it's her husband or kid on MSN, and that my emails are filtered and are going in her junk folder, because I would hate to think that she's doing this on purpose. But 3 years is a LONG TIME! I really miss my wedding dress. I know that sounds crazy. I'm not getting remarried anytime soon. But I just feel anguish about my wedding dress potentially not being "safe". Is she ignoring me because the dress caught on fire ? Decomposed ? I think I will leave a a voice mail if she has one I think, although I would have preferred to ask during a conversation. When I get my wedding dress back I'm going to spend a whole weekend in it. I'll sit on my deck in my wedding dress and I'll go to the grocery store in my wedding dress. She also has my veil and my tiara. I want my princess costume back :(

Yep. It's REALLY in my head. Won't you take me to Funkytowwwwwwwwn!

So our new furniture is being delivered tomorrow !!! WAHOO! Although I honnestly have to say, I'm so tired and burnt out that I don't know which one I'll chose... sleeping in or waking up to see the furniture arrive. It doesn't matter either way because the dog has Steph trained to get up early in the mornings. LOL. The dog knows that harrassing me is pointless. That sounds mean, but there's actually a reason it's Steph's job. When I wake up I have to put my compression socks on, and that takes a while to do. Many people ask me what will happen if I don't put my compression socks on. I'm not sure. I am thinking my legs would hurt.... but it just feels so weird not having them on. It's like going braless in public.

Ugh speaking of bras.... I went bra shopping this week. Can someone please tell me how the heck I can gain weight, consequently buying a bigger clothing size, yet my retarded boobs have shrunk? If there is ONE area on my body I really dont' want to reduce is my boobs! And no, it wasn't manufacturer differences in sizes etc. I tried on a LOT. And the stupid cups were always too big. It's impossible to find bras for fat girls with no boobs. I'd have NO problem finding bras if I were a 44E. I have always been a 44C. This week I could barely fill in the 44B's. Are my boobs shrinking ? Or are the manufacturers making sizes larger like they're doing in the clothes department, to make women feel better about themselves, even though we all know they do it and it's ridiculous ? Has anyone (that's plus-sized) noticed the large differences in sizes between Addition-Elle and Penningtons ? At Penningtons a 4x is sometimes too big, and at Addition-Elle it's too tight. I have some 2x from Penningtons that fit well, and some 4x from Addition-Elle that are too tight. Okay I'll stop revealing my fat sizes now. You don't want to know my pant size :P

Okay, some homeless guy just walked in and asked, in a very intelligent manner and a very nice voice "So, do you deal mostly with existing businesses ?" (yes.) I see him walk on the street all the time. Everyday even. He always looked dirty and scruffy. Today when I saw him upclose, I noticed that he was really dirty, but he has the nicest voice, he sounded intelligent, and his hair is really nice and curly and shiny (not greasy). His fingernails are dirty, but his hair is nice. I directed him to the right place for business start-ups. He said that he was attending an entrepreneur class with them on thursday. Great I said. Great he said. He said okay then, turned around to leave. Just as I was thinking how I had judged him unfairly just by seeing him walk on the street, because he sounds really intelligent despite his appearance.... He turns back around, runs to my desk and says in a panicked voice "Coffee and sugar ?" me : "Huh" ? him " Oh, nevermind, I thought I saw coffee and sugar". Hmm... okay..... Maybe he has a personality disorder ? Maybe one personality takes care of his nice curly hair and another personality doesn't care about the dirty nails and the rest of his physical appearance ? I dunno. I'm a sucker for curly hair. My first huge teenage crush was a guy named Andre-Guy who had super curly long blond hair, a la Oprah's 2006 hair. LOL.

It's Friday. It's the day Tina is off work and normally chats with me while I avoid work. In fact, I finished all my work yesterday and everyone else is on vacation today. Where is Tina ? I'm ready for some MSN chatting!


Scatterbrain said...

Where's Tina?
I'll tell you where Tina is...
Tina is in bed...
Tina has Pneumonia and a stomach flu on top of PMS..yep...that's where Tina is.

Hobby Chef said...

I loathe bra shopping. Actually, I just typed a long comment about it, but deleted it when I decided I don't really want to reveal my bra size. At any rate, I hope you found some good ones that fit! There's nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra!