Monday, June 05, 2006

Please! No More Rain!

Enough with the rain already!!! I hope all this rain means it won't rain for the second half of June! We're having a big landscaping party from the 14th ish until the 21th ish. It's going to be hard work... hardly a party... but that's what I'm telling everyone to con them into coming to help :P My parents are going to come, Steph's mom (his dad will be in BC on business), I'll hopefully harrass my brother and Tammy into coming and with me and Steph we'll be 7. Maybe I could harrass some of you to come help ? :P

This weekend was toooo short! I finally convinced Steph to come see a movie that doesn't involve ninjas, weapons or blood : The Breakup. So we went on Saturday, and the parking lot was so full, it was insane. We had to park at the Scotia Bank, and walked all the way there in the rain to find out that the movie was sold out. Sunday we decided to try again and we left a lot earlier just in case. The parking lot was full again and we parked in one of the last spots, almost at the bank. Walked all the way there in the rain again. The ticket lines went all the way outside, in the rain. We waited for like 20 minutes, finally got to the automatic ticket booth thingy and THEN were informed by the machine that the movie was sold out! GAH!

Saturday night I rented 3 movies : TransAmerica, Shop Girl and In her Shoes. Trans America was okay... Shop Girl was weird but Good, but I was really dissapointed in In her Shoes. The book was way better. The character development sucked in the movie. And Maggie never even goes to College in the movie, which is an integral part of the book. I decided to set up my DVD & pic-nic in the living room, with the laptop. I really liked being in the living room. We spend WAY too much time in the computer room. But I realized that we HAVE to buy a new couch because it's so uncomfortable, my back was in spasms. No wonder we're never in the living room. Remember the first couch you ever bought yourself ? Was it a mistake couch ? Mine was. woah. It's so huge, I don't know what we were thinking. When we sit on the couch our feet don't touch the floor. So we have to sit on our legs to be comfortable but it's not great for my circulation problem.

I feel like I have so much things to do I don't even know where to start. Plus I'm uber nervous about that written test on Thursday. I have to calm down. Yes It would be good to be officially in a permanent position (as opposed to perpetually on contract.). But my contract is still good until June 07, and second, I'm not even sure if I'd like working in the Rentalsmen's office. I really like Business, therefore Business NB seems like the perfect department for me, but they talk more and more about closing the regional offices, and I don't feel like moving to Fredericton. Can't have the best of both worlds I guess. I really like Moncton. I feel like my grammar and punctuation sucks in this entry. I don't feel like proofreading because I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't make blogging as task otherwise I won't blog often. Like lately. Is that a sentence ? Anyways.

I decided to not look into Weight Loss Surgery for the moment. I read a few sites debating wether it was safe to get pregnant after WLS or not, and if it's an issue I guess I don't need more things against me. Although at this point I pretty much feel like I'll never be a mother, and I think I'm okay with that. Me and Steph were talking this weekend and I was wondering if my becoming more and more certain that we won't have children is the reason why I'm so into home decorating and landscaping etc. I guess we all need something. Better decorating and landscaping than food. But I was telling Steph how I often feel like some of my friends and especially my family don't approve of my spending this much money (more money than they would spend on decorating and furniture and landscaping etc.) I was telling Steph that I was dreading what my family would say when they saw the new living room furniture, when we buy it. They'll comment and make me feel like I don't have my priorities straight for sure. I'm me though. They're them. It sounds mean of me to say but I'm the only one in my family who chose to graduate from college and did. I would help them out financially if I could. In their minds if I can afford nice furniture, then I can help them financially. But if I help them out financially they won't know how to budget and blow it all on stupid things anyway. Then none of us would have nice furniture.

It wasn't always like this too. It seems like money comes and goes in cycles. Just this January I thought I would have to get a second job. Then again when I look back at my january journals, I don't know why but January was a dark dark month for me. I haven't been journalling for a long time so we'll see next year if it's a pattern. Isn't it weird how life works ? I think maybe having my brother and his gang over for two months made us realize (Steph and me) That we're really lucky. Well maybe "lucky" isn't the word. I don't know if blessed is the word. I don't know why but in my mind, blessed people are fertile LOL. Point me to this blog entry in the future when I talk about how much life sucks heh.

Most of you know what I mean when I say "Read". (Which is different from read.) Well we've only "read" twice since January 1st. Insane huh ? It's like we just grew out of it. I feel like we're so much more productive. We think too much also. "Reading" makes you think way too much too, only to forget your best-friggin-ideas-ever the next day. Anyways, I think that's why we're doing so much better too. We're not spending so much money on reading material anymore. I also actually get bored of TV. Seriously. Woah.

This blog entry feels weird. I feel like I'm jumping all over topics. But it's better than no entries right ? hehe I think it's because I want to blog about so many things since I haven't blogged a lot recently.

Do you feel like life is an endless cycle too ? Ups and downs, ups and downs, ups and downs. Perpetually. I know it's a cliche, but I always took that.. not so literally. Now I could cearly draw the cycle of our life (lives ? hmm. We each have a life.. but it's so meshed into one that I guess I'll call it our life.) if I tried. When everything goes wrong and life is a mess, it's comforting to know for sure that things can't go anywhere but up. But when you're riding on a high, and everything in the world is bright and exiting, how do you enjoy it without thinking of the inevitable low ?

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Hobby Chef said...

I definitely feel the ups and downs, especially where money is concerned.