Friday, June 02, 2006

I love reward programs!

Do you have Shoppers Drug Marts in the states ? Well they have this awesome reward program that's free to join, and they award you 10 points for every dollar that you spend in store. The greatest thing about this program, is that it will award you points for the total price of your prescriptions, even the part that our insurance pays. I normally pay 5$ for each prescription, but for some reason my glucometer testing strips (which cost 90$ for a teeny tiny box) I have to pay the full amount but then I get refunded 100% back. Yesterday they held another "Get 20x the points" event! I always wait for the 20x-points event now to purchase my strips, because I buy 4 boxes at a time every 4 months, on 20x days, and that way I get 71 000 points. I always have some points accumulated in between also so that every time I buy strips I have 150$ off for free! That means 150$ off my 175$ per pair of compression socks! Which my insurance won't cover. I am sooo due for new compression socks. They are SO worn, that I almost don't have any fabric left under my feet. I'm not exagerating! I normally buy new ones every 6 months, but I've had these for more than a year. I always buy 3 pairs because I have to wear them everyday and they need to be washed very carefully etc. So it costs me 550$ for 3 pairs of stupid socks. They're a pain in the ass.

I had a really weird dream last night. Dreams I should say. I kept waking up to go to the bathroom. The first weird dream was about this guy I went to school with, who I haven't seen since about 1996. Wow, 10 years ago. In my dream he was SO happy to see me, and said that him and his family were collecting my pictures. Apparently I was a model in my dream. He showed me the pictures (of me) that he was collecting, they were all tiny pictures... and the pictures were of Anna Nicole Smith! WTF! I told him that it wasn't me in the pictures.... I was standing before him fat as ever, and he thought skinny ANS was me in the pictures. How weird. He was dissapointed and had a hard time believing it wasn't me. weird.

The second weird dream I had was about all my old friends in Paquetville (The town I grew up in, which I haven't visited since 1998.) I was at a gas station and I spot an old friend in a transport truck. I walk over and all my old friends start to proceed out of the sleeper. There were like 20 of them. All in this tiny truck sleeper. I asked them WHY were they all in that truck like a can of sardines ? They said that they had to come to Moncton because something was going to happen to this annoying common aquaintance. So then I'm automagically back home and said annoying aquaintance is there, in my home. I'm wondering what he's doing there when 2 armed police officers came and arrested him. Weird.

My third and last weird dream was so very weird. I was in a smelly tiny appartment. In my dream I lived there. I was living with a big indian family. As in mother-father-crap load of brothers and sisters and grandparents. We were all sitting watching tv, but we were sitting about 2 feet away from the tv. I was eating on a tv tray that was made out of my real life home office computer desk keyboard tray. I was eating some weird food right off the tray. Then there were big clumps of hair in the food. I proceeded to fork the clumps of hair over to the side so that I could get to the food, but then realized the hair thing was weird and gave up on the food. Then we all got up and went for a walk on Melanson Road (near my real life home hehe) And when we came back the bridge was closed because they had to let a ferry boat through. (If you're one of my real life friends you know that a ferry boat in Melanson creek is ridiculous hehe.) Really weird.

I just remembered that after the indian family dream, I went back to dreaming about that friend I hadn't seen in 10 years, and we were dancing at the drive-in movies when Stephane woke me up this morning LOL!

I hope it's not too annoying that I'm jumping all over the place in this entry.

Update on the job applications : My candidature was NOT retained for the University job. I'm not too sad about it, because I think I really would like to stay in civil service. My candidacy WAS retained for the Justice department and I'm going for a group written test on June 8th. They said to bring a pen, pencil and a calculator. The duration is 90 minutes. YIKES! Calculator???? I'm kind of dreading it... Math is NOT my forte. They asked that we please not bring one of those calculators that plugs in the wall, with the little roll of paper on them... I don't think I've used a calculator like that in 10 years hehe. I still haven't heard back from the Family and Community Service Department, which probably means I'll get a thanks but no thanks letter in the mail I'm thinking.

About the weight loss gain. I know that everyone will tell me "told you so". "How could you let this happen". "Mongol". etc. But I managed to gain back the 30lbs I had lost, since february. Actually I gained 39lbs. Since february. Insanity. I'm so discouraged in myself. I know you'll tell me to not lose hope, that I can do it, etc etc. But I know I won't believe you. But I do have to lose weight. So I've got 2 choices. I can either just suck it up and exercise everyday and eat foods that make me feel nauseous. Or I can talk to my doctor about gastric bypass surgery and get blasted from everyone for doing it. Well a third option would be to stay fat and happy and croak at 35. If weight loss surgery exists, why can't they do tastebud elimination surgery ? Really, things would be SOooooo easier if I didn't have tastebuds! First of all, Tiramisu, chocolate and DQ blizzards wouldn't taste so darn good. They would taste like nothing. And vegetables, beans and avocadoes wouldn't taste so darn nasty, they would taste like nothing. Eating would mean chewing food so that it nourishes my body. It wouldn't mean chewing something orgasmically awesome, or eating something that makes me want to vomit. Oh I can hear your eyes rolling. Fine, I'll shut up and start a diet and exercise. Monday. I need the weekend to say Aurevoir to my friends Little Debbie, Tim Hortons and Aunt Jemima.


Scatterbrain said...

wierd dreams...I will msn you about the rest. :p


Hobby Chef said...

LOL Nancy - I am with you on the tastebuds. I would be a supermodel if they could "turn off" the part of my tongue that loves the taste of sugar.

Courtney said...

Okay, first of all, I will not demean you if you choose by-pass surgery. I know you have struggled with this for a long, long time. You need to do what is best for you. Screw the rest of the world. although if we could turn our tastebuds off, that could be good or bad... we may eat more b/c we miss the taste of things too. hmmmm.....

Kelsie said...

Nancy, you have to want to do this. Everyone telling you what you should do/be doing/etc...isn't really going to make you lose the weight. You have to really be ready to commit and be ready to do this for yourself, not b/c someone else wants you to or that is what you think that everyone wants you to do. You are the only person that can accomplish this. You are the only person that you need to do this for.

Now, how you accomplish that is up to you as well. It is your body, your life, and your health. If surgery is the way for you, then go for it.

I don't see surgery as a cop out. You still have to change your lifestyle. You have to change your eating habits, you are supposed to exercise every week still. I think that surgery just helps you get to your goal a little faster. I could be wrong but that is my opinion on it.

Good luck with whatever you decide and I will still cheer you on whichever way you want to go.

Hugs, hon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
why not join Tina and I on our walks and the "accountability program"? Hehe. It's a start.
I've a friend who wanted that surgery, and he went on the diet that you have to follow beforehand, and lost 25 lbs in a matter of a month, so he gave up on the surgery. He's seeing a dietitian and still following that diet today and he's feeling a lot better. :)

Well anyway, just thought you should know.


Anonymous said...

My aunt had surgery some number of years ago, and is now probably 1/3 the size she was pre-surgery, but she can barely eat anything. Most family dinners, she'll eat about 6 bites of whatever, maybe 10, and then she has to go to the bathroom and throw up, then can't eat anymore.

I only know her story, but I would definitely research personal stories online to see what positive and negative experiences people have had.