Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Is it July ?

OH my God was it ever HOT yesterday in Fredericton. It didn't help that I had my hair down and was wearing a suit jacket, although it had short sleeves. Walking the short distance from the Crowne Plaza to the Centennial Building was sheer torture. My black shoes felt like ovens. I guess it didn't help things that I was wearing black pinstriped pants, a black shortsleeved linen suit jacket with a black tank top under, black socks and black shoes. And I walked the line. I make a conscious effort to try on different colored clothes when I go shopping. Even if I do convince myself to buy different colors, they end up gathering dust in my closet. When I do repress my Johnny Cash side and try a different colour I don't feel right. I don't always wear just black... But I do prefer black. I feel confident in black. But I do wear dark greens, greys and sometimes dark blue.. The last time I tried to be brave and wore a very nice teal colored shirt with white pinstripes my coworker J exclaimed : Wow, our very own easter egg! ARGH! It doesn't help that since I always wear dark colors, whenever I wear a light color it kind of shocks those who know me therefore making me even more self-conscious. It's a vicious circle.

So yesterday morning J and I were waiting at the office at 7:45 am as G had told us that he would pick us up at 8am. It was cutting it close since the meeting was to start at 10am. (We were all carpooling since we were all attending the same events.) At 8:15 we were still waiting. We decided to bring our luggage outside and have a smoke while we waited for him. At 8:30 we called our boss to tell him that we would be late. He finally arrived at 8:45. Then he had to stop at Tim Horton's to get a coffee for the drive.

I was SO so so hungry during the meeting it was insane. My stomach was sending out loud distress signals. I tried to quietly rummage through my purse to find something to eat to quiet the gurgling noises. The only thing I could find were 2 mints, but somehow it worked. When the meeting finally ended some of us went to eat lunch in the dining room, right there at the Lord Beaverbrook. I was honnestly so hungry during the 20 feet walk to the dining room that I thought I would faint. I felt drunk. Thankfully there was a lunch buffet, so I could eat right away, and the food was absolutely amazing. I must bring Steph there to stay overnight and then eat like pigs at the breakfast buffet and then again for the lunch buffet LOL.

After lunch our division walked over to the Monseigneur Boyd meeting center for more meetings and it was so hot I thought I would blister. The A/C didn't work in the meeting room we were in and it was painfully uncomfortable. It's one thing to be hot, but it's worse when you're in a meeting with other sweaty people. About halfway through the meeting our boss sent someone to complain about the heat and to get more water and the only thing they had was hot water. Great.

When the meetings were finally over, J and I walked back to the Beaverbrook to sit on the terrace for a nice cold beer. The waitress accidentally dropped a full glass of ice tea all over J, who was just telling me how she had only brought this one pair of pants and was planning to wear them again the next day. The waitress was dying of embarrassement. She told J she would pay for her soaked purse if it was dammaged. When she learned that J's purse was a 600$ Gucci, she said well maybe I can have it professionally cleaned for you. hehe Poor girl.

We decided to go up to our rooms, J to shower and I to stick my face to the air conditionner. They are in the process of renovating the Beaverbrook, the rooms are sooo nice and fresh. Everyone was saying how they prefer it to the Delta now. The only downside is that it's so nice that it's going to be full all the time therefore we won't be able to stay there as often as we do now, which is a shame because it's so convenient being right in front of the Centennial Building, Legislature and Play House. Free parking. It's so hard to find parking otherwise.

We all gathered in A's room for a pre-party as usual. We stopped at the liquor store on the way to the party for more wine. While in the liquor store, already in a giggly state I spotted a bottle of "Best Bitter Beer" and said to everyone " OMG, this is M's bottle!" Because we always call him Mr. Bitter. Sometimes Bitter & Twisted. So we purchased the bottle of Best Bitter and later convinced our boss to present him the "Best Bitter Award". It was hilarious hehe.

The party was at our boss' house. We ate a herd of lobster and drank entirely too much wine. We had a great time, but it was nowhere as great as the february river cottage party. That one was awesome. Doesn't it suck when you attend a really really great party and you have high hopes for the next one and then you end up being dissapointed ?


Hobby Chef said...

Ugh, I can't imagine sitting in a meeting room, all dressed up, with the A/C broken. Nightmare. I hate being hot. Hate.

Heather said...

"It's one thing to be hot, but it's worse when you're in a meeting with other sweaty people." - No kidding. I can't even tell you what the stench was like in my classroom today. You know how sometimes, if you're exposed to it long enough, you stop noticing the smell?

I daresay it's completely impossible when it's 20+ smelly, sweaty, hot, hormonal teenagers.