Thursday, June 08, 2006


Yup. I totally completely utterly bombed the written test for the Justice position. The duration of the test was 90 minutes. There were three questions. I couldn't figure out the 2nd question, which had to do with a bank reconciliation, which I never had to do ever. I have never even balanced a check book in my life. I use online banking and debit cards.

They gave me a huge project to do at 4h15pm to finish before I was goign to leave at 4h30pm. UGH!

Last but not least, the stupid committee that I can't mention but hate, is giving me hell.

I had a strawberry daiquiri, a horrendous supper, and now I'm trying some candy from the bulk barn named a "Chocolate Boulder".

Hopefully that helps lift my mood.

I'm thinking that that new show premiere I'm watching called "Windfall" isn't helping me feel better. It's about a group of friends who win the lottery. I'll just have to live vicariously through them.

So we were 9 taking the written test for the position. One walked into the classroom and proceeded to chat with the HR coordinator sounding like they are good friends. Great. The only chance I have of getting called back for an interview is if the other girls sucked even more than I did. But at least I know that everyone seemed to be scrambling when the HR woman announced to the group that we only had 10 minutes left.

It's just that this, combined with the committee shit is taking a real big toll on my intelligence esteem. Is that a word ? I feel really stupid. The thing that burns me the most about the Com. is that the co-chair's assistants are constantly pointing out my mistakes and errors, WHEN it's TOO LATE! (An example would be forgetting to take the word "draft" off the agenda, or saying "Monday June 14th" in an email.) Obviously I'm smarter than that and I never make those kind of mistakes any other time! It's just accumulating because of the pressure they're putting on me. Yet they will get annoyed when I try to get stuff approved for distribution. Also I have to translate every single thing perfectly according to the C. rules, yet THEY don't have to. They distribute their information in english only.

Okay now that I blogged about it I think it may be off my chest. I'll try some Maple double-dipped peanuts and see if that works.

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