Sunday, June 25, 2006

CrazyMrsNancy on Location

Exclusive : CrazyMrsNancy is blogging on location. Sitting in my 'new' living room in the complete darkness exept for the blueish light emitted from The Gilmore Girls playing on TV. (I'm up to the 2nd disc of the first season hehe) We're still doing the tv sharing deal thing : 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls for 1 of The Band of Brothers. I've been on vacation for 2 days and I haven't done anything remotely productive. Exept a bit of shopping yesterday. I feel like I normally do on friday nights; totally conked out since my body and my brain know that it's 'safe' to be. I hope I don't feel like this all week long.

My mind just totally went blank as Steph pulled out a giant pixie stick out of his Candy Chameleon bag of goodies. Can you think of any other edible product more inapropriate for a diabetic ?

I've been reading everyone's blogs and the boards, and I can't bring myself to comment. I'm just so sad for everyone. Why is everyone experiencing such heartbreaks, illnesses and pain right at this moment ? Is there some huge cosmic imbalance going on ? My life has been going exeptionally well lately, and I'm really feeling guilty about it since everyone else is in pain. One of Steph's coworkers vision got blurry all of a sudden at work a week and a half ago. They admitted her and ran a huge battery of test on her and they can't find what's wrong with her. She's now gone blind, can't eat or stand or move. It's like a House episode. She's a really nice, young, healthy, super tall and uber gorgeous girl. I pray for her to be healthy again. I pray for everyone of my heartbroken friends, my jobless friends and my friend with the ant problem.

I want to blog about how my living room came together perfectly after yesterday's shopping trip at homesense, about being on vacation, about summer and about how great Steph is, but I think I'll save all those stories for when everything is right in the world for everyone else too. Which hopefully will be soon. I hope this paragraph doesn't sound like I'm bragging, because that's the last thing I want to do. It's just that sadly, sometimes all the bad around you makes you realize how good you've got it, you know ?


Lisa said...

Realizing how good you have it is a great thing Nancy and don't ever feel guilty admitting that. I can tell you, I will never take things for granted in my life again :)

Melissa said...

Never feel guilty about seeing how good things are in your life!

Life is too short to worry about the what if's.

And as for writing about the good things in your life.. well I think if you want to blog about them you should, you never know it may give the people who are going through issues something to smile about!


Melissa said...

I just wanted to say that I agree with Lisa and Melissa. When I am going through a rough time, it sometimes helps me to see that at least my friends are happy. It gives me hope. Blogging about your happiness just might be what someone in pain needs to read. You never know!

Scatterbrain said...

Hey Nance!! I'd love to ead about your shopping at homesence and your vacation.

Sorry to hear about Steph's co worker :( I hope they can find whats wrong with her soon...