Saturday, June 24, 2006

A great date story

I love my husband. Tonight to celebrate our first night of vacation, after work we parked on Main street and walked over for the first time to Candy Chameleon. It's a big candy store. Nothing but nicely shaped sugar. A diabetic's dream. I told him : Do you believe that we're actually 2 fat diabetics in a candy store ? I got some Sangria, Black liquorice, Strawberry Daiquiry Jelly Belly (and other kinds I don't remember), some black liquorice Chatherine wheels, and some hot tamales. Stephane got a bunch of super sour stuff. I also got some homemade Gelato in a waffle cone. 2 scoops : Donatello and field berries. Yum. Then we walked over to Vien Dong for some delicious Tonkinese Soup and Imperial rolls. Steph also had Pad Thai and I had various skewers and rice. Then we came home and pigged out. Tomorrow I'm starting to lose weight again. No joke. One last try. But I wont' talk about it now as this is supposed to be a happy post about my great husband :)


Melissa said...

Hopefully the sun will shine for you vacation!

I do not blame you for pigging out first night of vacation, it is always just that sense of relief no to get up every day and go to work and deal with the every day B.S that is involved!!

I think it should be 2 day weeks and 5 day weekends!!

Enjoy your time off!

miika said...

Hey there, just wanted to say hi since I haven't had a chance to catch up on your blog in forever! I'll be rooting for you on your "last try"! You go girl!!