Friday, June 23, 2006

As promised, Pictures of Landscaping in Progress.

Steph taking the huge box to the curb.

I heart lillies!!!

This will be the bistro set (You know those metal tiny table and chairs for two?) platform. There will be roses all around. This is where in my delusional mind I see myself convincing steph to have a cup of tea and sociables here :P

This is the firepit platform. Unfinished of course.

Backyard plants patiently waiting for their turn to be planted.

Arrangement that will end up somehow in the fountain flower bed. Oh crap I forgot to take a picture of the fountain.

4000 lbs of flagstone rocks.

The wine bottle rock :P

The front before

The front pretty much finished for now. What a change eh?

The new brick walkway. The left tree needs to be trimmed on top it's not pointy enough. I like pointy things. Not really. I Just like the 'word' pointy. Say it : Pointy.


Hobby Chef said...

Your landscaping looks AWESOME, and I totally heart your brick walkway!!!

Lisa said...

Wow Nancy! It looks absolutely fantastic! I especially love the twirly trees (I know nothing about trees/shrubs, lol) at the entry way. You guys should be really proud of yourselves!

Kelsie said...

Looks fantastic!!! WOW! Great job.