Friday, June 23, 2006

The strawberries of my childhood...

They're back! The strawberries of my childhood! Well not literally, but Busy Bee (That gas station/convenience store on Amirault that everyone calls the Busy Bee like it was before it was renamed Co-op express or something like that.) has those really great strawberries again! I discovered them last year. Well they're back! They taste sooo good. Divine. They taste just like the little tiny strawberries we used to pick from our yards when we were kids, before everyone used pesticides and before it went out of style to use pesticides. Speaking of pesticides. I was horrified to discover a "No dogs or humans allowed on lawn, pesticides just applied" sign on our shared lawn at work. I'm 98% sure that it's the building next door that put pesticides on their side of the lawn. Aren't they ashamed ? When everyone else is proudly displaying "Pesticide Free!" signs that we can pick up for free at city hall ? Or maybe it's just a conspiracy to stop rude people from letting their dogs poop on our lawn and leave it there ?

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