Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I can't WAIT for Friday @ 4h30pm. That's when our vacation starts!!! This week is sooo rough. Sunday we were working outside on the landscaping until 11pm, monday morning I left for Fredericton and I came back today, went to the office and prepared myself for tomorrow morning when I leave for my 2 day trip to Shippagan. Then I came home and worked outside until 11pm again. It's midnight and I should really go to bed now. I'm waiting for my wash to finish washing. I have to pack in the morning and be on the road for 8am. Okay I'll stop whining now... and I'll post pics of the work in progress maybe tomorrow morning, but most likely thursday night. Well the front is pretty much done. The flower beds and the brick walkway. When I get back from Shippagan we're going to start the flagstone paths and Monday my parents are coming back to help us finish the firepit platform, the bistro set platform and the rose bushes surrounding it, the swing area and the fountain and the flower bed around it.

It makes SUCH a huge difference. The landscaping. I'm already so attached to it. All the hard work and the love we put into it. The only disadvantage (besides the ridiculous amount of money landscaping costs) is all the attention we're getting. I'm an uber introvert. I'm really shy. I wear black all the time and I try to blend in. Now the neighbors are over raving about our landscaping and getting ideas (stealing ideas? hmph!) and joking that we look like we're opening a greenhouse store. I always care way too much about what others think of me and my actions and I'm 'scared' that they're thinking " who does she think she is with all her plants ?" But my mom says : so what ? "who does your neighbor think he is building a 2 car garage?" I guess she's right. Anyways, pictures soon, promise!

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Melissa said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say I read a few of your blogs and you are a very funny person. Your blogs are so truthful yet so funny!