Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Replying to my fan mail

Shane said... (Nancy in Freddy Entry)
Is that Gecko or Geicko?

Dear Shane,

Is it not a Chameleon ? :) A dancing chameleon ? Oh! A Karma Chameleon!


Shane said...

That was really bad.... you now officially suck... :-)

crazymrsnancy said...

Oh come on! You can't tell me the song is not now stuck in your head!

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleonnnnn you come and gooo you come and gooooo oooo.

Now is it in you yead ? *grin*

Kelsie said...

It may or may not be in his head but now it is definitely in MY head.

Um. Yeah. Thanks for that.

Shane said...

You are mean.... MEAN!!

Grrrrr.... Grrrrrr I say!!!!


Scatterbrain said...

Dear Shane, i do beleive you started it with your gecko gieko smart ass remark....Nancy is not mean, she's very nice...she said I was great in her most recent entry.....Now would a mean person say that? I think not.
karma karma karma chameleon....I'll sing it to you tonight. hahaha

Tina The great Turnip.