Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More crappy quality pics

Yes they're not the greatest quality, but it rocks having a cell phone that takes pictures because you're always prepared to shoot a picture. And everyone that knows me knows I'm a total picture freak! Who would have thunk ? Remember way back when home cordless phones were the coolest gadget for the rich ever ? Heck, remember the wonder of having cable tv installed on your street for the first time ? woah. hehe.

So anyways, here are some totally random pictures :

These are the boats we produced at the Kaizen/Lean management seminar. The group was divided into 2 production lines, and we started building boats the traditional way. It was exhausting, we had a huge bottleneck down in assembly, and we had quality control issues. My job was hull folding. After learning more about Kaizen and lean management, we re-did the exercise using lean manufacturing techniques. This time we worked half as hard, yet managed to increase our productivity by 114%. Pretty nifty. My wrists hurt for two days after. (FYI - Kaizen : The Japanese term for improvement; continuing improvement involving everyone: managers and workers. In manufacturing, kaizen relates to finding and eliminating waste in machinery, labour, or production methods.)

Um yeah. This is what the bathroom doors look like at the Kingswood Lodge in Fredericton, where the previously mentioned seminar was held. They weren't that see-through from the outside, but from the inside they were 100% see through. Very very freaky. It took some getting used to that's for sure. Have you ever had performance anxiety while peeing ?

Last but nto least, here are Loki and Riley being cute. (Riley is Brian's dog. Brian is my brother.) My mom's dog also sits in this manner when she's visiting. They like to sit like that and look through the front door's side windows. It looks really silly when you look from the side hehe.


Shane said...

So..... if you have a noisy poop everyone knows? Or if you splash while peeing..??? That would suck eh?

Scatterbrain said...

does your phone make the "camera" noise when you take a picture? because if it does I wonder what that other person in the bathroom thought you were taking a picture of in your little stall.....

and yes I think that would give me pee anxiety too...

Tina the sexy turnip who also happens to be great.