Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We should patent this...

I'm too lazy to check if I've already blogged about the office ants, so here's the background: Two weeks ago ants started invading our office. Yesterday afternoon it was getting worst and worst. There were ants crawling out from under my phone, I lifted my purse adn there was an ant... I found ants on my filing cabinet etc. I was affraid the ants would walk away with my documents. Last week when the problem wasn't as noticeable yet, my coworker M asks my other coworker G : G, do you have ants in your office ? To which G replies : No, ants don't come in my office because I have a red line in my office entrance. (Just the way the carpet is layed out, he has a red border going right accross his door entrance.) M : Really ? That works ? It keeps them away ? G then couldn't keep from bursting into laughter.

So last night when pest control was here, G tells the story to M2 (another M). We all come up with a plan... Mike takes a red file folder, cuts it into a red strip and tapes it down in M's doorway. I say : Hey we should write a sign, you know like "No smoking" but "No ants". So I draw that. The pest control guy was observing us hard at work. M2 tells him : You should see us when we're dealing with something really important. heh.

This morning I got to work much earlier than usual since Steph has to keep the car because I'm getting a rental car to go to F'ton. M was coming in right beside me and I couldn't stop laughing like an idiot all the way to my desk. He must have thought I was nuts until he walks to his office and sees the joke hehe. He thought it was hilarious. G walked in not long after and we joked that we should patent this, or at least send it to our innovations department for recognition hehe.

P.S. No, we were NOT wasting your hard earned tax payers dollars working hard on this, it was past 5PM so there :P


Shane said...

Can I order two Ant Traps?

Scatterbrain said...

Dear Shane,
I think you comment more on Nancy's blog then on my blog. In our marriage contract it states you must think my blog is funnier then anyone elses and stuff.

Tina, The great

Shane said...

But I do.... uhh... I really do!!

You like rock... and stuff!!

Shimmy Shammy!!