Thursday, April 06, 2006

Freak snow storm explained..

Do you know WHY it snowed a lot this morning ? Do you ? I know why. It's because today was the day of the dreaded trip to Sackville to Mount Allison University for my SCPSR meeting. That's why. The drive there was hell. The highway was covered in slush, and slush was falling from the sky making visibility poor. For about one third of the way, there was a snowplow in front of me that I could not pass. It was going at 60km/h (we all were), but it was taking 1.5 lanes (out of 2) so in order to pass the plow I had to drive outside of the 2 "traffic" tracks. Each time I attempted my car started wobbling out of control. ugh. Whenever an 18 wheeler passed me, it splashed so much slush in my windshield that I was driving blindly. Darn four-season tires. NEVER again. Never ever. Not in Atlantic Canada.

WHY wouldn't the plow move a tiny bit to let us pass safely ? WHY? It finally turned in an 'unauthorized u-turn' thingy. It took me 1h15 to get there. The drive back only took 25 minutes. The slush/snow had stopped and melted. I was SO nervous driving there. When a truck passed blinding me with slush I nearly had a heart attack every time. When I got to the MTA campus, I parked in the designated parking and walked over to the building where our meeting was held. Slush was still falling from the sky and one of my collegues spotted me and waited for me. I was thinking : Noooo don't wait. Go away. I'm wet and out of breath. (Why are all universities built on hills?) When I got inside and went to the washroom I realized with horror that my face was smeared with mascara. How embarrassing. Although he was nice enough to not seem to notice heh.

When I walked in the meeting room I poured myself a cup of coffee and I was shaking terribly, my poor nerves. My legs were still shaking too. The meeting went well but was boring as hell as usual. It was decided that our June 22 meeting at U de M CS would be a 2 day meeting instead. Shoot me now. At least it won't be snowing for that long drive I'm 99% sure. The lunch catering was absolutely horrible. yuck. During the meeting I quietly went to the washroom, I hate having to get up in the middle of a meeting. I know it's 'normal', but I find it kind of impolite. So I get there and realize that my period started. UGH! only me. So I have to walk all the way back to my seat to fetch my purse. I recently switched to my Louis Vautour purse since Spring seemed like it had arrived. (It's what Steph calls my fake Louis Vuitton LOL) And I had been selective with items that would make the cut to the much smaller spring purse, and somehow femine hygiene products didn't make the cut. I was about to scream my head off in horror when I remembered that I had an emergency pad in my wallet. It had been there for so long I thought it might be in decomposition. After that everything went smoothly until the meeting was adjourned and I somehow stuck a piece of wood as big as a toothpick under my nail while trying to grab my documents. OW! Wasn't the drive, meeting, catering torture enough? Now I have to self inflict ?

I got back in Moncton around 2h25 pm, I should have gone back to the office since I had another good 2 hours left in my day, but I was so exhausted from the horrible drive that I drove straight home and changed into my PJ's and got ready for a nap. Just as I was about to climb in bed the phone rang. It was dh, being so thankful that I was back home because he didn't have his keys and he was so sick that Scott would have driven him home if he had his keys. He kept falling asleep at his desk and had the runs. Bad flu. So I went and got him. Then we all had a nice 3 hour nap. The dog too. DH has moved to the couch now, shivering under a blanket. Poor dh.

So now that The DaVinci Code hype has died a little, I finally bought the book and began reading it 2-3 days ago. OMG it's SO good!! I LOVE the story! Soo.. The OC is about to finish and I'll go read more DaVinci Code :)


Kelsie said...

Yikes! What a horrible day! That sucks. I so don't blame you for going home to take a nap. I would have done the same thing!

Shane said...

It's a good thing you don't have to drive that daily... in 'BAD' weather Nancy!!