Monday, March 20, 2006

Someone explain The Hype...

Can someone please explain to me what's all the hype about myspace ? About a month ago I kept hearing about it everywhere, so I decided to visit Angela's space. Everytime I tried to see her pictures, it told me to log in. Log in always failed! But I HAVE a space account! Why won't it work ? Then I figured.. OH I guess an MSN space is not the same as a myspace ? (Why all the spaces?) So I tried to sign up to myspace with my hotmail account. DOH! There is already an account with this email. Okay, "forgot my password". They sent me my password and log in still failed every single time. Okay maybe it's blocked at work. This weekend I was bored and decided to try to view Angela's pics again and log in from home. Effing login failed everytime again!! UGH! That's IT. I created a brand new account with my home email. I finally saw the pictures. I uploaded my picture to myspace, and then it took me a while to figure out how to have a While trying to figure this out it constantly kept asking me to log in every single time I do something and it still does even though I click "remember be".

I thought I had read Heather say she had a space, and everytime I tried a search it found nothing. After a while I began searching for Heathers and after looking at 42 Heathers I decided to try the email search thing. I finally found it! But there's absolutely nothing on the space ? Did I do something wrong ? Suzan tells me that she hates myspace because it's nothing but a popularity contest. I guess I'm not popular because I could only find 3-4 people I know from ivillage, and no one else LOL. Everytime I look at a space it's always so crammed and cluttered with all kinds of junk my eyes almost can't stand it. What's the hype ? Is there something that I can do with it that I don't know about ? I saw that everyone had a song playing on their space, and so I followed the instructions to put a song on mine, and it gave me ONE song from the artist I was searching for, and the song was absolutely inapropriate... So whatever. I'll wait for someone to tell me that I missed something and that it'll be in fact great.

My mom called me at work the other day. She said that she had seen my name on MSN but that there was some weird thing around my head. (Probably N/A?) She said she saw something pop up and it said "Pork Chop Sandwiches". I named my msn space that because of a G.I. Joe spoof joke.... Mom said that she thought I had a new recipe. So she clicked it and called me in a panic because I wrote "Kick Ass" on my msn space. Seriously. This pretty much confirms the fact that she doesn't read my blog because she'd have a coronary. My second and only other post on myspace was titled "This is the most boring day ever - July 19, 2005". She asks me again in a panic "Why was it the most boring day ever?". Did you read the entry ? You tell me, I don't remember! pfft. Moms.


Scatterbrain said...

I don't know Nancy, if your missing something about myspace, then I'm missing it too..I don't know what all the hype is..I had gone there to look at a friend's space too, and felt frusterated with it too.

My mom isn't internet savy at all...thank goodness...


Heather said...

The thing about your mom? Very funny.

Yeah, I wasn't too into MySpace until people started messaging me. Apparently, if you're single, it's like the hot new way to meet dates, because I've been asked out more times through MySpace than I am in real life (yet again proving my point that I'm more likeable over the Internet).

This is my MySpace addy:

Kelsie said...

Consider me out of the loop as well b/c I don't get the hype either. The only thing that I have found on myspace that was interesting was that my 15 y/o sis has an account that says she is 17 and she drinks.

So yeah...I am stalking her now. I am such a bad big sis. Hopefully, she will give me access soon, under my fake name. I know, I know. I am evil. But really, it is out of protection.

So yeah...I don't get the myspace thing either.