Thursday, March 23, 2006

OH NO! Hide your children, Smenita is BACK!!

ARGH! Smenita is back! I can't believe it. I effing hate her.

But first, I have to say : No one explained to me the myspace hype. Is everyone just busy or no one knows really, what the hype is all about ? Hmmm.

Smenita. *grumbles*. I write a comment on Tina's blog, and the word verification wants me to type in "Smenita". OH NO! She's back!!! I had an encounter with Smenita once, on Justine's blog. I examine her for a long time because I remembered her old tricks. Then I very carefully typed S-m-e-n-i-t-a. "Word verification failed." GAH! I knew it! She's back to her old tricks. Normally when you fail a word verification, it gives you a brand new 'word'. Not Smenita. She stays and drives you nuts. Every time I fail Smenita returns. There is no other letter combination possibility. The word is very clearly Smenita. This is exactly what happened to me on Justine's blog a while back. I leave the comment form, go back to the blog, click back to comment. Smenita. Smenita smenita smenita. I close my browser, restart it, go back to the blog. Comment. Smenita. GAH! I give up. So Tina... here is your comment :

ACK! I'm never moving to an all female planet!!! Can you imagine all the pmsing and an all female planet shaving and plucking would certainly clog every drain in the planet. There would be mydol shortages and we'd all have to live on boats, out of reach from spiders.

Anyways, you misunderstood me. I don't think 2 gay men would clash (Well I haven't pondered it that much..) But I was talking about me personally hypothetically being married to a woman. There is only room for one Queen in my house, and I need someone to kill the spiders and to stop me from shopping till bankrupcy :)

P.S. NOT all men are asses, for example Dr. George Bailey. YUM!!!! Well he's one piece of ass, but he's really sweet and edible :)

*Gives Smenita the finger*

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