Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Work With Me Will You ?

... I had big plans to start working out and eating better today. Apparently my back didn't get the memo. It happened again last night. I coughed hard, it sounded like a frustrated hippopotamus cry, and I immediately began to cry in pain. The kicker is that I managed to hurt the *good* side of my back. My brother drove me to the doctor's office. (No no no, not sibling love, I paid him.) The doctor said that apparently I have a sinus infection which is making me cough hard and therefore inducing muscular "fatigue". Ooookay. If muscular "fatigue" makes someone cry in pain when trying to blow their nose, I don't even want to have 'real' pain. What the fuck ever. Thank God my Chiro's appointment is coming up in 6 days. It'll be my very first time consulting a chiropractor so hopefully she can adjust this "fatigue".

If this stupid back agony doesn't stop very soon, my dear husband is going to have to go on stress leave from work. The poor exhausted guy is tired of picking up my slack. (Welcome to my world :P) I had big plans to start relieving him of laundry, grocery shopping and kitty litter duty today. Well actually no one is picking up my kitty litter slacking, and either I'll have to endure the pain and do it or he'll cave and do it because it stinks. Maybe I can pay my brother to do that too. I'm definitely going to have to pay him to put away my Christmas decorations and take my tree down.

As soon as this agonizing muscular "fatigue" subsides, I will start exercising again. I haven't 'really' exercised since april. It's a sin. I hope that if I lose weight the back pain will... Holy Frick, I just saw a tv commercial for a "Biggest Loser" Special edition tomorrow! WOOHOO! I'm goign to watch for sure! I sure need the inspiration.

I'm thinking about staying home from work tomorrow also... but I feel so BAD about taking so much time off work lately because of this stupid back. I do have lots more sick days accumulated, but I don't want to be "The girl who's always sick". I guess I already am. But what should I do ? Go to work tomorrow, and lay low. (I have plenty of painkillers.) OR do I stay home to try to heal faster ? I need advice dear readers!

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