Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Lost Blog Entry...

... I actually have a folder named "Misc. Txt Files" on my computer where I have a batch of reminders, unclassified thoughts. I was decluttering it tonight when I found this forgotten beginning of a blog entry. I probably intended to post it for Thanksgiving but forgot about it. It got lost among all the other misc. txt files. I guess I'll post it now anyways, even though thanksgiving is long gone I'm still thankful. It's unfinished but the momentum is lost, so I'll post it as is, unfinished. I'm sure I was going to write something nice about my friends. My friends (you) know that you are my world, and I will probably write an ode to my friends someday. Here goes, and don't mind the part about goats. (Was I on painkillers then ?)

I'm thankful for :

* My husband. For everythign that he is: my best friend, my rock(I suppose I should day wall :P), my everything. I can't believe he loves me for me. I can't believe I married the greatest guy on the planet. I apologize to all other women (and men, no discrimination. goats too.) who now have to settle for the 2nd greatest. :P

* My fluffy cuddly anxiety suffering dog Loki. We gave him a bath after the projectile incident and he was sooo good. He was looking at us with his big watery eyes, trembling with fear yet trusting us. Also my 2 lunatic kitties.

* My friends.

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