Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well I did it... Let's move on...

Well I finally did it. I knew the day would come. I cheated on my diet. I let my emotional eating take over at the Meeting of Doom. I ate dessert. It was heavenly. So in total I think I ate around 2200 calories today. I shouldn't in theory gain this much weight from it, since it takes 3500 EXTRA calories to gain a pound. But if your name is CrazyNancy, it just might you gain 5 lbs.

I quit smoking tonight. Maybe I'm trying to punish myself for the indulgence. Although I know it will make me so much healthier (in theory), it's sooooo hard. I want to smoke my DOG. Maybe I should smoke basil. I quit only 2 hours ago. I also started taking most of the supplements the naturopath doctor recommended to me almost a year ago. We'll see if I feel a health improvement sometime in the future I guess. Although right now I'm definitely not feeling healthy. My bowels hurt. It hurts from my navel to my back tattoo. I think it's the meeting stress.

Speaking of that meeting. I actually did really great. When the meeting was adjourned the chairperson turned to me and said : " Great job. Thanks for everything. Don't mind Xxxxx, he tends to panic a lot, but he's a good guy." Xxxxx actually freaked out at other people DURING the meeting which reassured me to not take it personally. (He had gone postal on me 2 days before the meeting.) I thought he was goign to explode in a million little bits of anger when 2 persons where whispering during the professor he invited's presentation.

I want to smoke a stinky cancer cigarette so freakin' bad right now.

I was planning on working out the dessert calories off tonight. But I hurt so darn much.

Okay three whines and I'm out. I'll change subjects.

Oh actually I have to write this down. I got an email saying that tomorrow's the day we finally go for our 'late' office Christmas lunch. I can't think of a excuse good enough to skip it. We're such a small office they'd so take it personally. If I said I was broke, which I am, they would pay for me. I can't call in sick, I've got a chiro appointment in the morning. (And I want to keep my sick days for sleeping in LOL) I really really really hope that they will chose a healthy-ish place. But I bet we'll end up at stupid Maverick's again. Ugh. The food is okay. (The creme brulee is divine actually..) But I hate paying 35$ for my lunch. And the last time I ordered couscous there they gave me couscous on steroids. I really don't think it was couscous. They were little balls as big as peas. White pasta peas. Not couscous. Actually I just realized tomorrow is jeans day. We'd probably look out of place there in jeans. I guess then it'll be one of the few other restaurants they can actually all somewhat agree on : Boghart's, Vhien Dong, Pastalli or the Pump House. Actually I think that Maverick's would be the healthiest option.

I will pray for the strenght to order yucky healthier food and watch everyone else gorge themselves with calorie and fat ladden goodness.

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Hobby Chef said...

Good luck at your Christmas lunch today. I can relate to what you're feeling - I'm having lunch with a client today, and I have spent the last two days preparing myself to order something healthy, and planning out what options I might choose from. Good times. :-)