Friday, January 27, 2006

The aftermath....

Well, THAT certainly wasn't worth it. I gained 4.5 lbs. I'm so mad. Our office's late Christmas lunch is at Pastalli. The carb palace. I really really don't know if I'm going to have the discipline to just order a dry mixed greens salad, when I'm being attacked by my lunch companions' plates' aroma. I bet someone will take my favorite Pastalli dish too : Linguine Rustica. (Linguine tossed with chicken, shrimps and pancetta in a creamy cheese sauce. YUM!) Okay dear readers, I just found their lunch menu online, if you're reading this QUICK! What should I order that would satisfy my taste buds yet not make me gain weight ?

I'll post this now in case someone has the time to give me advice before lunch, and then start a new entry hehe

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Courtney said...

Allright Chickie! Number 1, pick yourself up a little bit here. So, you had a mild diet setback. I have too, it's okay. #2 - kudos on not smoking - I quit- it's hard and you have every right to be bitchy about it. #3 after checking out the menu - and salivating a little bit - here are my choices: Oven baked salmon with lemon dill butter
served with sundried tomato risotto or Charbroiled Chicken breast and portobello mushroom served with Italian risotto
or Charbroiled salmon filet with citrus sauce served with Italian risotto These are fairly healthy and sound yummy. Good luck - and cheer up! I'm here for ya