Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Feeling quite a bit better...

Well I honestly feel quite a bit better today. Talking to Tina last night, way too late by the way, helped a lot. It helped just having someone listen to me. She listened as I was venting about all possibly worst things in my life. She listened as I typed furiously/crying hysterically. She listened when I vented about all my husbands flaws rolled into one big ball of anger, and probably made him look like a monster. Now I feel Über guilty because as always she only heard the super nasty side of the story, and dh made everything better by preparing us a romantic supper.

He prepared a chinese beef fondue with light cheddar and mushrooms, brown basmatti rice and a little glass of cabernet sauvignon. (We're counting calories hehe.) We dimmed the lights and light a candle. It was just me, dh and Martha. I love watching the Martha Stewart Show hehe. There was also the dog begging for fondue and hoping for pieces of falling food. Dh was taking some sauerkraut from the jar and a pinch fell right on Loki's head LOL!

I feel better about tomorrow's meeting. I'm completely prepared for it. I worked like a maniac all day and I have a brick of information to shut them up.

This morning I had gained another .5lbs. ugh. Let's hope for a loss tomorrow!!

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