Friday, January 20, 2006

A Really Cold Fall Day...

Well actually today isn't that bad, it's 2 degrees celcius and they're announcing 2-4 centimeters of snow. But right now, there is absolutely NO snow at all on the ground (or anywhere). That is INSANE for mid-January here. I've asked my coworker Judy if she's ever seen a winter with this little snow, ever. She said never. It's so bizzarre. It feels like a really cold fall day. Dead leaves are blowing everywhere, since they didn't have a chance to turn into mush under the usual footage of snow. But the thing is we still have to walk around in our stupid boots because one minute it's raining, one minute there's freezing rain, we keep expecting snow... Maybe mother nature is on strike.

Well I still haven't lost that stupid pound. I know I know I shouldn't weigh myself every single day, but I have SO much weigth to lose that I usually lose at least a decimal every day. And I really need the validation that I'm doing something right. But right now I've been stuck at this weight for a few days and I'm racking my brain thinking of what I'm doing wrong... Speaking of wrong : At the diabetic clinic on wednesday, the nutritionist kept insisint, much to dh's pleasure, that there is NOTHING wrong with drinking as much diet pop as he wishes. I kept trying to politely disagree, I had finally convinced him that he shouldn't be drinking massive amounts of the poison daily, and he had cut down considerably. From 2-4 litres a day, to 500ml 2 or 3 times a week. As soon as we got out of the diabetic clinic he started drinking 2 litres a day again. *slaps forehead*.

On a brighter note, apparently the provincial government is investing $2 Millions for healthcare. To PREVENT diseases and promote physical activity and breastfeeding and discourage nicotine use. $2 Mil is not nearly enough but it's at least a good start. Apparently hospitals will only encourage formula feeding when it's medically necessary, although letting the new mother make the final choice if she insists on formula. It is not clear if the mother who choses to use formula will be provided with free formula still. But they are investing 200 000$ to promote breastfeeding. A step in the right direction.

Well, I have to go get ready for my chiro appointment. bbiab.


Scatterbrain said...

I bet you feel like slapping that nutritionist up side the head.

Don't even get me started about formula and the nurses at the city hospital. too late...I'm started...

Regan (now 2) was a scheduled c-section, because it would have been considered very high risk of my uterus rupturing if I started labour on my own they scheduled me to have the surgery 2 weeks before her due date...therefore when they took her out she was very mucassy and had to go to the sppecial care nursery (nicu) for a little over 24 hours..anyways...I was on the table cut open..and I'm calling after the nurses taking her...under no circumstance is she be to given a bottle or formula..I'm going to breast feed her....
Guess what they do??? they give her a bottle... why? because she was hungry?? no, she wasn't hungry her tummy was full of mucas..they gave it to her because the heavy formula would help her get the mucas of cours when I go to breast feel she's freaking out because she wants the instant gratification of the bottle dripping the formula into her mouth without her having to work. What a freeking time I had.
rant complete, carry on carry on, nothing to see here.


Leigha said...

I was just writing in my blog yesterday about how I always live in places that get nothing but dustings of snow. I love snow and I have never even seen over a foot. The last time there was any significant snow here in Tennessee was four or five years ago and it lasted on the ground for two days total. It was about 6-8 inches. I wish we had more. I think I just love seasons in general. I just want them to all be different.
(You might not know me...I slipped over from Heather's blog...hope you don't mind)