Thursday, January 19, 2006

Falling Angels and Rubbish....

.. What's the deal with the falling angels at my house ? The other day my parents were visiting with their exiting frog-dog, that's what we call her she can jump as high as my frickin' ears. When I brought her outside for a walk, she was so exited she made my faery-angel-statue-thingy (Bridal shower present) fall over and break the tip of one of her wings. Then yesterday as you know we moved our office in the basement next to the gym, and I have a 3 foot tall handmade wood angel with fake permed-highlighted hair, wearing a not so fashionable dress. (Also a bridal shower present.) Anyways for some reason my brother put her next to my computer desk and everyone kept knocking her down.

Poor Loki nearly had a heart attack when his leash got tangled in her feet and she went fell down on him. Imagine what the poor dog must have though, AN ANGEL IS FALLING ON MEEeeeeeeee. Then with the horrible winds we've been having last night, my broken-winged angel-faery went flying off the front step and is currently still lying face down in the mud as I was in too much of a hurry to get to my chiro appointment this morning to put her back in her respectable position. Crazy winds last night. You know those huge trampolines that are popping up in everyone's backyards ? Well one on Gould street flew up 30 feet in the air and got stuck on top of a hydro pole heh.

Leave it to me to try and find meaning to everylittle odd things that happens in my life, when in fact the 'meaning' is probably just winds and clumsiness. I didn't try to find the meaning of the neighbors trash bag flying away and landing on our front step. Last week as we were leaving for work I noticed a bright blue sheet of paper crumbled in a ball, stuck between the house and the snow shovel. I asked dh to pick it up to see what it was out of pure curiosity. I probably wouldn't have been curious about trash if it hadn't been a beautiful shade of blue. He opens it up and says " Hey, it says that garbage removal will now be on Fridays instead of Wednesdays". The note had a litlte piece of tape on top. The idiots had probably taped it to a frozen door or window and of course it wouldn't stick for long. Apparently almost everyone else's notes must have blown away also because yesterday 3/4 of the people on my street had their garbage to the curb. With the crazy winds it was like a huge garbage zone war. We had to drive in slalom mode to avoid bags of trash littering the street.

Well, I'm up a pound this morning. But no biggie. I KNOW (for once), its not something I ate hehe. I have been very diligent about my food intake for nearly 2 weeks now. It might be because I lifted weights and went on the stepper for the first time in er.. 10 months *blush*. But even though it can be discouraging at times to see the scale go up despite all the hard work, I have to tell myself that weight loss is not linear. I just can't wait to lose another 23lbs, because then I'll be at the weight I've been at most of my adult life. But I'm already feeling more like myself. Two weeks ago I felt as if I were in a fat suit. A fat person in a fat suit. I just felt my movements more restricted and my face had a blowfish sort of resemblance. When I get discouraged about weight loss slowing down I should just carry a 10lbs dumbell around with me for an hour to see how heavy it actually feels :)

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Scatterbrain said...

Thanks alot Nancy, after reading that I now have the song "concrete angel etched into my head and it won't get out and I don't even like country, no offence I know you love it but you know me, I'm more of a hip hop kinda girl. word.