Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In a State of Ennui...

... I was to bored that I looked up the definition of the word "bored" to make sure that's what I was. The day was gearing up to be rather un-boring actually. My best friend Chantal had decided that to prevent me chickening out of my first visit to the chiro (again...) she would have to drag/drive me there herself. We made plans for me to get dropped off at her house at 8h10am... DH dropped me off at 8h30am. I'm chronically late, but this time it was the dog's fault. He ate a big piece of onion that fell on the floor when I was making my omelet this morning, and he later puked it. I was preparing our lunches, dh was scraping ice off the car outside, when I glanced at the couch and the dog looked as if he was trying to cough a hairball. I panicked.

OH NO! You cannot vomit on my furniture. (Of course I don't talk like this, it just sounded more sophisticated. The real thing sounded more like : Frick de Frick de Frick de Frick.) So I ran towards the couch, grabbed my stupefied dog and put him down on the hardwood floor in an effort to minimize cleaning up time. Then I realized that it would be even easier to clean on the smooth kitchen flooring. I once again grabbed the stupefied dog and dashed for the kitchen and made it in time. Phew. Sorry I know you readers have requested that I stop blogging about disgusting things coming out of my dog, but for once I have done some form of exercise, I wanted to share it with you all.

So yeah the chiro appointment wasn't nearly worth the level of anxiety I had built up for the occasion. She asked me a whole bunch of health questions, then examined my spine. She asked me to lie face down and pressed on the top of my butt and I yelled OW! She said "No wonder". Then she was poking along my spine and hit a few other painful spots. "No Wonder". After the poking Chantal drove me back at work. That's when the state of ennui began.

I feel as though I forgot something. Not like when you wonder if you left your hair straightening iron on this morning or anything. More like : I've been SO bored at work lately, I wonder if I forgot one of my office hobbies. Hmm Boards ? Blogs ? Newspaper ? Smoking ? Eating 2 week old apple found in fridge ? No... I've already done all those things today. Maybe it's because yesterday I un-decorated the office and put away all the Christmas decorations and now it's so plain that it looks like a doctor's office again ? Is it that the boards and blogs have been Sooooo slow lately that I don't even have enough blog reading material to last one cup-of-coffee-time ? Maybe! So there ya go! I will toss GUILT DUST at all of you for not blogging or commenting :
*~*~*~*~* GUILT*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Aaah. There. I feel better :)

P.S. TINA The slacker blogger harrasser (She used to be on my case when I went one day without blogging). Now look at you!!! NO UPDATES for almost a WHOLE MONTH ? Hmphft.

P.P.S. At least Justine blogged, that kept me entertained for a whole apple-time!


Courtney said...

Bull on the guilt for me Nancy! I posted not one, but TWO updates today on my blog. I don't wanna hear it!

Although I do agree with you, the others are slacking a bit, so I will throw my portion of guilt dust their way!

Scatterbrain said...

I'll have you know that I had already updated before you posted that!! I updated yesterday at 4:30 am, so there. :p

Kelsie said...

I updated yesterday and Amanda is the only person that commented on me, thank you very much.

I don't have anything to update about today.

Kelsie said...

So, there...update for you.

How did the Chiro go? What did she do? Did you get adjusted? Feel better? Will you now become a junkie like someone else? I was disappointed in that part. "No wonder"--was there not an explanation?

So yeah, now I am critizing your blogging. LOL Just kidding.