Monday, January 09, 2006

New Healthy Life : Day 1 (Take 2)

Well I'm doing really good so far, food-wise. I had a good whole unprocessed breakfast and lunch. I'm entering everything into fitday to make sure I don't go over my calorie limit.... The only thing is I haven't really determined a calorie limit. hehe But I know I'm not going to go over because I think today I might be a bit under. I only ate 533 calories so far. I wasn't able to get up at 6am to exercise as planned, but I think my back wasn't ready anyway. My back was bothering me this morning when I was cooking my breakfast and preparing my lunch. (I chopped onions, green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms etc...) and then at work I had to assemble some bookshelves and stack them. But I might try a 20 minute mile (Walk Away The Pounds DVD) tonight after supper. I also haven't quit smoking yet, but I wil. I will. I'm glad I didn't quit smoking this morning. I am having an extra horrible day at work. I even emailed DH saying that I would quit and go work at a call centre. He didn't reply. He's probably hoping that by the time he replies I'll have calmed down a bit, and I have. DH told me that he went downstairs and lifted weights this morning, it's so out of character for him to do that twice in one month that I'm almost wondering if he's lying.

So the proxy server at home isn't working, so I can't chat on MSN or ICQ. Kill me now. IM'ing throughout the work day is what makes it bearable. Then some university professor, a member of the steering committee I'm on freaked out at me. He later apologized, but when it happened I went outside to smoke (And secretly cry) and it seemed like I couldn't inhale the soothing tar and chemicals fast enough. I decided that I had to go check out that 70% off end of season sale at Penningtons during lunch break for comfort. Snow had started to fall really hard and the roads are a mess. Thankfully I arrived safely.

Once I was at Penningtons I realized that I should not have gone there. The dissapointment of seeing all those clothing items I recently bought at full price 2 weeks ago, now at 70% off overpowers the joy of seeing the clothes no one wanted anyway at 70% off. Once I was in the dressing room trying on a pair of pants, I decided to go back to get 2-3 more pairs of pans to try on, leaving my winter coat in the dressing room. As I was walking towards the sale rack, this middle aged woman looks at me with a big smile, I smile back, and she shows me a pink stripped blouse and asks me :"Could you please get me this in a size 16?." I DON'T WORK HERE!!! Why does that ALWAYS happen to me ? Regardless which store I'm in someone always thinks I work there. Maybe I should walk around with an angry face. Later when I was trying on those pants, the SAME woman swings open my dressing room door and she gets a full moon. What the hell. There are 22 frickin' OPEN fitting room doors, and you chose to open the ONE that's closed ? Why don't these rooms have locks anyway ?

I'm looking out the windows at work and I can't believe it's still snowing that hard. They said we were only getting 2-4 cm's. THEY LIED. If I knew we would be getting a snowstorm I would have made DH drive. The stock tires on the Saturn suck ass. Not only is it my first winter driving 4-season tires, but they are really crappy 4-season tires. It's supposed to turn into freezing rain tonight. What a mess. I hope the roads will be safer tomorrow morning for my very first appointment at the Chiropractor.

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Amanda said...

I'm so proud of you, hon!! I know it's hard work, but you'll feel so much better!!
Just be careful about the calorie thing - too few calories and your body will think it's starving and will hold onto *everything*. Not to mention you feeling weak, cranky, nauseous, etc etc.
I'm on Day 3 of South Beach, doing OK, but I've already cheated once *blush*. Back on the wagon today.
Hang in there, hon - one day at a time!