Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy Couch Potato Week!

So the new show hiatus is over!! There was a new episode of Lost last night (which made me stay up way later than I've been forcing myself to go to bed this week..) A new episode of The Biggest Loser (Tivo'd), a new episode of CSI tonight, The Office (LOVE that!) and the OC! Oh and there was a new Charmed on Sunday :) You might say I'm a tv junkie. I've successfully cut down on TV time in the past to please others, resulting in them not being any happier really, finding me another goal to make me a better person, and me being miserable. I just love tv. One of my favorite hobbies has always been people-watching. Watching TV for me is kind of like people-watching in the comfort of my own home hehe. I think that's why I 'm a photography freak! I've never had any photography training and I'm not by any means a better photographer than the average person, I absolutely LOVE seeing other people's pictures. They say so much!

That's why I think I'll love scrapbooking. Unfortunately I seem to be intimidated by my scrapbooking supplies. I made a little scrapbooking area and everything is neatly waiting for me in their little compartments... I did use my little footprint punch on a kleenex and offered it to DH and he was wondering why there were footprint holes in his kleenex LOL. Maybe I'll start this weekend. I went at Chapters (book store) this week and I looked up a book called "Outstanding Scrapbook Layouts" and they were really nice, but from what I can understand pretty much anything goes. So yeah I think I'll start a layout this weekend and do it my way and then you readers can critique my (self taught) techniques hehe. I'm thinking of taking a scrapbooking class at Micheals (I'm SO happy we finally have a Micheals in town!!! I feel like I'm in heaven when I'm looking around in there. Hobby Heaven.) and I noticed that they are actually teaching a class about tearing paper. Huh?! I thought it was pretty much to the point? I've been tearing paper all my life have I been missing out on special techniques ?

I've had a really crappy morning at work today. One of the directors actually told me "You'll need to learn to be tougher if you want to work for the Government". What if I just am not a tough person ? What if I'm a big fat softie ? As an administrative assistant, when I DO try to speak up people are like " Who the F are you? What does your opinion matter ? Go fetch coffee". And the secretaries that I do know who are on the bossy side, are disliked by everyone and everyone talks behind their back! Is there no middle ground ? Can't everyone just learn to be polite, nice and respect others to eliminate the need to be tough and mean ? You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.... la la laaaaaaaa la la la

I want to believe that what goes up doesn't always come down. But it DOES! Every single time. Last night was honestly, well way tmi for me to tell all the details unfortunately. (I so want to blog about it, but I don't know if my brother is still reading my blog :/) I felt loved like I've never felt loved in my whole life. I felt passion like I've never before felt. I never really understood why some women say that they sometimes cry after (tmi)... I STILL don't understand why now, but I felt like crying. I don't know why. It's like my head was so filled with love that it was ready to explode and the pressure builds up in your tear ducts.

Do you ever unexpectedly feel like crying? I think I'm one of those hyper-sensitive persons. Many things make me feel like crying for no reason. Like when a singer or a choir has an amazing voice, when an athlete is winning, when a dancer is dancing beautifully, when someone gives me a gift and when during the Dixie Chicks song " You were Mine" she sings : " I can tell you two good reasons, to show you're love's not blind. He's two and she's four and you know they adore you. So how can I tell them you've changed your mind..." Okay just typing it makes me tear up. What the F.


Jenn said...

Don't worry, Nancy. I also find myself tearing up unexpectedly. There are several songs that bring tears to my eyes and then things on TV. I was watching the Biggest Loser last night and just watching the couples during the weigh-in had me tearing up. (I won't make any comments since you said that you hadn't watched it, yet.)

Hobby Chef said...

Um, yeah. Commercials make me cry. Babies. Puppies. News articles. Old couples holding hands. I sat at a stoplight last night blubbering because our wedding song was on the radio. Sometimes just looking at Mike makes me cry. Thinking about the fact that my little sister is having a baby has been a source of tears lately. So yeah ... no matter how often you tear up, I bet I've got you beat. :-)

I think it's great that you are that way ... it shows that you're a sensitive person!

Leigha said...

I am the same way! Super sensitive. If I go outside and the wind is blowing just right and the sun is still warming my face, I feel overwhelming emotion. I tear up immediately. And that Dixie Chicks song does the same thing to me, in the same place, every single time. I haven't heard it in a long time. I think we need to look at it as though we are gifted with a deep sense of something bigger than us. I think I'll choose that instead of overemotional. Take care girl.