Friday, January 27, 2006

I feel like a pressure cooker...

I'm so mad. Mad at everything. I'm mad that I gained 4.5 lbs, mad that I have to go out at lunch, mad at the world in general because of the nicotine withdrawals, and mad that I'm so mad. It's been officially 13 hours since my last cigarette, and I know how healthier it'll be for me, and all the other crappy advantages. But I feel like I need to smoke a cigarette before I rip someone a new pooper. I need a glass of Shiraz. I need to sniff a cherry scented Mr. Sketch felt tip marker. SOMETHING to get me through it.

DH isn't being very supportive for someone who wanted me to quit smoking so bad. He thinks I'm being a bitch. Well I am. But he would be too.

Bah, I am so not done telling you why the world is so unfair and why I've got the right to be a bitch and be unpleasant to everyone, but I have to run to the freakin' chiro in my darn frozen car. I'll be back later. *grumbles*

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