Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bored Senseless...

So my boss asked me to finish all my projects before Christmas, so that he could review them between Christmas and New Years so that HE wouldn't be bored senseless between the Holidays when the rest of the world is on vacation. I already played the set puzzle of the day, organized my 36MB inbox into a neat and archived 3MB inbox. I was having a jolly fine time until the cleaning lady moved the modem and router to clean Steph's computer desk and disconnected my proxy server doing so. I know that it's her because it happens every Thursday around 1h30pm. I always forget to leave a bright neon pink post-it for her : "Step away from the blinking lights".

So yesterday I was so bored that I called my brother and convinced him to come get me, drive me to 2-3 places around town and then drive me home and I would pay his lunch. (Steph had the car.) Well the mall was so crazy busy. It took us like 10 minutes just to find the crappiest parking spot. In a huge slushy mud puddle, so far away from the mall that it would have been closer to walk to Wendy's to eat lunch instead of risking starving to death while walking in slippery ankle deep slushy mud puddles. The good news is that the mall was SO crowded and it took us so long to finish our errands that by the time we came out of there it had warmed up quite a bit and everything was melting quite nicely. Puddles had dried up a bit.

Wanting to eat something cheap and fast, we decided to go eat at the McDonalds inside WalMart. The line up was ridiculously long. But we were so tired of walking already that we decided to stay in line. I was telling my brother how the girl working at the counter seriously needed a haircut - her hair was in a long braid that went all the way down to about 6 inches BELOW her butt. And she was tall. Yes congrats, you have the patience to grow ridiculously outdated Crystal Gayle long hair. But aren't you tired of washing THAT ? The woman standing in line in front of us turned around, probably to see if I *looked* evil also. Steph would have loved her hair. He has this thing for ridiculously long hair. He says that all women with shorter than shoulder lenght hair look butchy. *Rolls eyes*. And he has a shaved head. Maybe I was saying all those nasty things about her mane because maybe I was a little bit jealous. Hmmm. NAH!

We picked up one of Brian's friends before dropping me home. Thank God. We get home and @#$%^ As I take my keys out of my purse I realize that my house key is misisng. Mom had borrowed it before Christmas when she was at my house and I was at my In Laws. CRAP! We were locked outside. Brian found an unlocked basement window... right next to my front door. How safe. But anyways Yves went in head first and yelled "holy crap a split entry basement is tall" and Brian grabbed his feet and inside he went and came up to unlock the door. Yves asked : Do you rent this ? You OWN it ? Do you sell drugs ? LOL It's funny how whenever someone from up north sees our house they are really impressed, and when someone from around here or down south sees our house they are like " meh. nice little simple house". I have decided to invite more friends from up North :P hehe

I still have at LEAST an hour of boredom before Steph gets here. So here's a list of things I would like to do in 2006 :

  • Improve health & Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Find my old Pearl Jam - Ten album
  • Purchase Karaoke and practice for next family gathering
  • Reduce the number of "Junk Drawers" in my house
  • Find the time to go Geocaching again
  • Try really hard to like a new vegetable. Like, Zucchini
  • Go whale watching (haven't gone since honeymoon)
  • Do my Christmas shopping in February to avoid Holiday crowds :P
  • Find someone willing to play Cranium with. (I've been wanting to play for YEARS!)
  • TRY to break my addiction to the "Monster Mash" song. (It was a MONSTER Mash!)
  • Teach my dog how to reset the modem
  • Teach my dog to answer the phone so that I can tell him to reset the modem
  • Keep up with scheduled oil changes
  • Win the lottery
  • Discover calorie free/fat free/carb free/ protein ladden whole organic pesticide-free chocolate ice cream that grows on trees. Mmm Ice Cream Tree.
  • ARGH the Monster Mash is now stuck in my head and I can't concentrate on my list anymore. Why did I have to think of it.



Anonymous said...

you forgot to add \'spend more time with Tina|" to your list.
I love zucchini!
and I love Cranium, it's the funnest game ever. ever I tell you.


Hobby Chef said...

Just had to say that your Crystal Gale reference was totally excellent. Nice work!