Monday, January 16, 2006

You Never Ever Come Back From Africa...

Last night I had a really intense dream about my time in Africa. More specifically about my affair with a felow canadian who was part of my group. (Of course I often talk about how my ex cheated on me, and seldom mention when I cheated on him. Only that one time. He had also cheated on me while I was in Africa. We had only been going out for 2 months prior to my leaving for halfway around the world. But the time that he cheated that broke off our engagement happened after our fresh re-start. Long after I was back from Africa. Anyhoo, I'm rambling.)

After a long day of work, while Steph was cooking supper, I tested my blood sugars and I finally decided to go look for batteries for it as the low battery sign had been flashing for about a week. While searching for the batteries I found my Africa picture albums. I sat there and looked at them with melancholy. When we sat at the table to eat supper, Steph turned on the tv. It was a Simpsons episode where Homer eats a 40 year old box of animal crackers and finds the golden giraffe and they win a trip to Africa.

Then I come online, and Mr. Luc is on MSN and messages me. He's the Quebequer who hosted us in his house in Cameroun. I haven't spoken to him in over a year. He wishes me a happy new year, and I ask how him and his wife Lise are. He says I'm doing good but madame Lise has lung cancer :(

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