Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm So Thin!

Not quite hehe. I lost 11lbs! WOOHOO! (Only a dent.. but still) We printed our Fitdays and our glycemic logs and brought them to our Diabetic Clinic appointment this morning. We were told that we were doing a good job! That is a FIRST for the both of us. Well, we moved our computer room in the basement. The basement is unfinished but it's rather cozy anyways. The heat is on. The office is now right next to the gym, in a big open area. It's already motivating me to use the equipment I worked out a little today :)

Other than that I'm affraid I've got bloggers block.. so here's to a flowing mind tomorrow :)


Kelsie said...

Good luck with the motivation! Great progress so far!! Keep it up!!

Scatterbrain said...

You rock that scale girl!