Friday, December 16, 2005

A Christmas Miracle...

This morning started like your average typical friday morning. Hitting the snooze button more liberally as it's friday and it's casual day therefore it doesn't matter if I wear my hair up in a ponytail for the fourth day in a row. So I'm in the can, finishing the last couple of pages from "The Wedding" (The Nicolas Sparks sequel to "The Notebook") I actually preferred The Wedding. The last few pages had me fighting the tears back. I was on the second to last page, when I tilted my head back in an attempt to roll back the tears, or help them evaporate or something, when I hear "Thump Thump Thump Thump, Knock, Knock, Knock". It was my dh running to the bathroom and knocking on the bathroom door. Too exited to let me acknowledge his presence, he yells : "We got bonuses!" Me : "WHAT?" Him : "We got bonuses! Scott just Im'd me saying to check my account! Got the same as last year!" I proceeded to do the Snoopy Dance right then and there, on the john. Aren't you glad you checked my blog today ? LOL

I'll skip right away to the second great news.. so that I can group all the good news at the beginning of the blog and then move on and ramble about other less significant things. So I'm at work and it's 4h40pm. I'm done at 4h30pm. I was planning to leave early in fact. Steph and I chat on ICQ all day long while we're both at work. (We don't chat constantly, but the other is just a click away and we'll IM throughout the day about what we're having for supper on that particular day, or to ask the other if their microwavable dinner is gross too, etc) So I'm growing impatient because I don't usually leave work before he replies back, so that I know that he'll be looking for me preriodically so I don't have to get out in the cold to go get him, or wait in the car forever. I IM him : HEY! Hurry up! I'm hungry. Are you almost done ? He replies : Sec,.... I got the promotion.... WHAT? TWO good news like this in one single day? Is it a full moon ?

Steph is on vacation all next week lucky, bugger. My coworker J (The Nosy One) is off all next week too, it shouln't be that bad. OH! And I got almost all of my christmas shopping today!!! Not only that, but I have to say that it's been the EASIEST Christmas shopping of my LIFE. Okay now I sound like I'm bragging... It's not my intention to brag.. It's just that I'm am usually not associated with such a string of blessings at once. I just want to sing "Jeremiah was all bullfrog.. he was a good friend of mine... I never understood a single word he said.. But I helped him a-drink his wine....and he always had some mighty fine wine..... JOY TO THE WORLD! ALL THE BOYS AND GIRLS *Snoopy Dance* Joy to the Fishies in the deep blue sea. JOY to you and me!"

Speaking of wine.. J gave me a nice bottle of wine today for Christmas. I'm going to save it for Christmas day and share it with my family. Does anyone else almsot dislike receiving presents ? I also really dislike surprises. I love to receive presents if I get to open them in private.. I just can't control my facial expressions it seems when I open gifts. Every time I open a gift, a gift that someone has carefully chosen for me and wrapped, I always feel very overwhelmed. To the point where I feel like crying everytime I open a gift. Therefore to the gift-giver, I must look like I'm so dissapointed with their gift that I'm on the verge of tears. Why else would I tear up over a bottle of wine ? When I think about it.. I have pretty much mastered the "permanent grin" for Christmas and Birthdays.. but it's when I receive an unexpected gift that this happens. Maybe I should just permanently grin for the whole month of December. Brr. Scratch that. Have you ever grinned for more than a few seconds on a very cold canadian December morning ? I hate freezing teeth. (See, I knew I was going to blog about less significant things LOL)


Jess said...

So other then the whole I am sitting on the towlet thing I am soooo excited for you!!

Two aweseome things in one day, who could ask for more!!


miika said...

Yay for Steph! What a great christmas present for you guys, a bonus AND a promotion!
And enjoy the wine ;-)