Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sometimes Life is So Unfair..

He was only 51 years old. I didn't even know he had started driving trucks. He was a friend of my father, and his daughter Melanie was my best friend in grades 7-10. His son Benoit always asked me a ton of questions and always listened wide-eyed with amazement when I told him about my dad's life as a trucker. Benoit followed his dreams of trucking and soon after his father took a truck driving course also. He had 3 grand kids. I wouldn't believe dh when he passed along the dreadful message my dad had called to tell me while I was out getting a Christmas tree. It happened in BingHampton, New York. I called dad hoping dh had misunderstood. I googled and found a couple of articles about it, and it still won't register. A week before Christmas.... I will be praying for his family and thanking God that he has kept my dad safe for all these years.

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miika said...

OMG, I'm so sorry to hear this, Nancy! I'll be keeping his family in my thoughts.