Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Wish I had had A Crappier Christmas...

... It seems that every single time something really good happens, something bad HAS to happen right after. Like a big invisible +/- balance. Wait, is this what the Ying Yang is all about ?

Something bad always happens on Stephane's first day back at work after Christmas. (He's usually alone in the car that particular day because he doesn't get boxing day off and I do.) He backed up in the ditch one year, had to be towed out. He got a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt once. This year he got rear-ended. In the new car. I have a pretty nasty cold in time for my first day back at work. I'm feeling miserable today. DH woke me up in a very grumpy manner after I had spent the whole night coughing and blowing my nose and drinking water because my mouth was so dry. I had slept a whole 25 minutes maybe. We were running late for work when I realized it was garbage day. We brought the most we could to the curb in 2 trips and we were more late for work. There is still a ton of garbage in the basement. Christmas is also the garbage holiday.

I got to work feeling better because there's only one other person here today so I could spend all day doing nothing but blowing my nose and chatting on MSN. Then I remembered that Steph formatted his computer, our IP's switched so I can't remote home and turn on the proxy server. The proxy server that he probably forgot to download and re-install. All that work to bypass a blocked MSN at work. I also have no car for the day and no lunch. The sidewalks are slick enough to speedskate on and it's freezing. I'd rather starve than walk to Highfield Square for a mediocre lunch.

Now that I wrote all this down I suppose I don't feel so bad anymore. Probably most people feel this exact same way after a week long holiday. Another reason to cheer up is that it's not January 2nd yet. January 2nd is the day that I stop smoking, start losing weight and exercising. The day that I will mourn the hand to mouth pleasures of my life. It's not January 2nd yet. I look forward to getting home after work and forget about my bad day with the help of Shiraz, chocolates and cigarettes.


Hobby Chef said...

I hope Steph is OK!! Was there damage to the car?

OK, I'm honestly sitting here chuckling as I read your comment about the forthcoming demise of your "hand to mouth pleasures." You crack me up!!

Seriously, though, I know you can do it. Making lifestyle changes is never easy, but I believe you can succeed!!

Jenn said...

Is Steph okay? How about the car? Is the other person going to pay?

Nancy - I'm sure that you will do great with the lifestyle changes. I need to make some, too, so we can all work together.

angelofdarkness said...

Repeat after me...Good things will happen to me...Good things will happen to me. Also, I am already drinking shiraz and smoking cigarettes..saving chocolates for later. :o)