Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is Frumpy In ?

I don't feel cute today. Yes I'm wearing my new knock off Tiffany necklace, but I couldn't put my wedding rings and promise ring today because it's getting risky to wear them as they slide right off my fingers especially if I get my hands wet. Which I do many times at work as I make coffee etc. My pants are so big that they would fall if I jumped. My crotch is hanging between my thighs. I'm wearing a black shirt that hangs past my butt. I just feel frumpy. Especially since I'm proud of my weight loss and feel better in something that show my newly found curves.

But this morning ever since I stepped in the office my coworkers have been bugging me about how great I look.

J : Wow you look nice, are you going somewhere today?

Me : No, why?

J : You should!

Me : uh. ok.. well no I'm not going anywhere *polite laughter*

(Maybe I should schedule something just because apparently frumpy is what it's all about now?)

Then I go in the kitchenette to grab a cup of coffee...

J : Doesn't Nancy look nice today?


J : She must have a new man in her life

G : Yeaaaaah. Wow. You look 25.

J & G : HAHAHAHahahhahaAHHAHAHAHAHahahahha *loud laughter that lasts way too long*

They thought it was incredibly funny that he said that I look 25 because they think I'm 25 hehe. I started to work here when I was 23, and 2 years later they were still saying how I was still 23 and I finally convinced them that I was 25. But now that I'm 28 they're still stuck on 25. Ah well, it's a nice age to be stuck at.

But this is not the first time that this happens, it seems like every time that I wear clothes that are hanging off me and that I feel like I'm wearing a mumu they fall over themselves with compliments. So now I'm getting even more paranoid. Do I normally look like a pirate that dresses too tight ?


miika said...

Well, since I can't see what you're wearing, I'd say no, frumpy is not cool, and has never been. And as far as clothes fitting too tightly or loosely, however that shirt in your profile picture fit looks just about perfect.
Are you going shopping on the weekend? :-)

Amanda said...

Men are odd.

Well, if the weight you're at is not where you're staying, I would brave the baggy clothes and not buy new ones unless they won't stay up or you're done losing weight. I made due in my inbetween weight (coincidentally, I'm back up to that weight now - I wish I'd kept some of those clothes)...bought a pair of jeans and basic colored pants.
When I hit my goal, THAT was when I went all out!
My $0.02.