Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pinch me

I can't believe that we're leaving for New York in 2 days!! We leave Friday night! Eeeeeeeeeee! I'm so exited that I can't seem to put my thoughts in order. I've been wanting to blog but I just don't know where to start. So this post will most probably be all over the place.

Last night after we came home, we had taken a bite out of supper when the doorbell rang. We went to answer and it was a whole bunch of our neighbors standing there with torches in their hands. Okay not really. It was a bunch of our neighbors standing there with various styles of garden solar lights in their hands. Yes really. They are expanding our neighborhood and while they were making new roads in the woods yesterday they found a pile of solar lamps in there. Apparently our front solar lights had been missing for like a week and neither of us had noticed oops. Ours were in the pile, minus lamps.

Apparently neighbor X's 2 teenage girls have been stealing all kinds of lawn stuff from the neighboring houses and stashed them in the woods and in their basement. They've broken in neighbor y's car. They broke into houses being built and partied in there. They stole neighbor z's sentimental lawn plaque made by her father. etc etc. Neighbor X put a "For Sale" sign on his house yesterday. Apparently he thinks that it's funny how his girls steal all our stuff, and we're kind of annoying him with our wanting our stuff back from his basement and shit. I'm not a mean person, and the garden lights weren't that expensive, but our feeling of safety and security and peacefulness in our neighborhood is priceless. So I kind of hope they move. This morning on the way to work I slowed down in front of their house and saw 3 of our solar lamp stakes leaning against their house. I have to talk my husband into putting his shyness aside and go confront them. I want my lights back. Yes they're just garden lights, but we're definitely not rich and we work for what we have. (Okay, notice how I definitely can't say that I work 'hard', but I think that Steph does, so that counts for something hehe)

I only have 4 more pounds of last week's bloat-fest to lose. Zipadeedooda!

I've emailed the tour organizer yesterday to ask him the exact location and time to meet for the bus departure Friday night, and he hasn't replied back yet. Why wouldn't he have sent that information already. The paranoid Nancy in me is thinking : What if we all show up at U de M Friday night and no bus comes and that we've just all been scammed. Okay I'm just paranoid right? right.

Where the hell did summer go ? It left us without warning. One morning I woke up and I could almost see my breath forming condensation. almost. I've been frozen ever since. It's cold in the mornings and then I come to work in an office icebox. At the end of the day I look forward to getting in my black car that's been sitting in the sun all day, and I just sit in it for 2-3 minutes without rolling the windows down, just enjoying the heat warming my bones. I'm frozen right now, but I think I'm pretty cute today. Judy complimented me on my new top that I got for like 15$ at WalMart. I love me some George! If you're reading this from the Greater Moncton area, and that you always shop at the Dieppe Walmart, do check out the Trinity Walmart, I think the clothes are way way better there for some reason. The plus-sizes section at least. I swear I can still find some white sweatshirts with kittens in flowers on the front at the Dieppe Walmart.

Almost all the parents I know have kids that are crazy about Webkinz. A lot of those parents admit to playing Webkinz during their lunch hours or what not, to make webkinz cash for their kid's game so that they can decorate their room in the game etc. I wanted to play too. For my birthday Jill bought me a Webkinz! She's a panda and her name is Crazymrsnancy. And I'm embarrassed to say that I play a little almost every lunch hour. LOL I enjoy the 'Quizzy Corner' thingy. You get 5$ in the game for every question you answer correctly. I swear I've learned some stuff. lol! My kinz has 2-3 cute outfits and a pretty flower in her head fur.

In other news, I decided last night to start downloading my music legally. That's right. At least all the songs are good quality now. I bought an MP3 player on sale at Future Shop and I've got to fill it up with tunes before leaving for the trip. I also got a sexy crimson DS with Brain Age 2, Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time, and I'll bring one we already had : Super Mario. Steph has his own DS although it's not as sexy as mine. He's bringing his own games which aren't as cute as mine :P I so rarely buy toys for myself, I feel illegal. I mean, my computer & digital camera can be toys, but they're necessary (IMHO) and I couldn't live without them. I could live without an mp3 player and a DS, therefore they're purely 100% toys. Yes, I think I'm going out of my tiny mind. But I have trouble reading unless I'm surrounded by silence and that's not very likely on a full bus exited to go to NYC. 17 hours to drive there, and 17 hours to drive back. I hate long drives. Despise them. But it's the only way that I could afford to finally see New York anytime soon. So I hope these will help.


I'm hopefully supposed to meet heather (and possibly Anthony) for dinner on Saturday in little Italy!! WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Hobby Chef said...

I, too, work in an icebox. And if I were you, I would call the cops on the teenage girls. If your neighbor isn't willing to punish his rotten children for stealing other peoples' stuff, then the authorities should be notified.

And finally ...... HAVE A BLAST IN NY!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be there. I'll think of you while I'm camping (oh joy)

Peeps said...

I'll go confront your neighbor with you!!! I can't stand parents who let their kids run around like a bunch of crazed maniacs. Yesterday our neighbor's kids threw golfballs at our cars and dented one of them. I confronted her pretty quick.

Rebecca said...

Little thugs...

I wish you were coming to Detroit for a visit! Although there's not much worth seeing in Detroit...

miika said...

I was just going to ask you when you were going on the trip, I remembered end of august... have a blast!!!
And I agree, call the cops on those teenage girls.

Jenn said...

Have a great trip, nancy!

I would call the cops on those kids.

Lisa said...

I'm so jealous!

Melissa said...

I'm so excited for you!!

Have a great time!