Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Update

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend!! Sooo nice that Steph had to install the air conditionning unit! hehe. I left work right after lunch on Friday and went home and spent the afternoong gardenning in the sun. I dug dead bushes and moved others, carried dirt and shoveled and had a wheelbarrow spill on the lawn hehe. I found 2 spider nests ew.

Saturday Steph went out on the deck to do the stain touch ups. He came back in after 20 mins and announced that he was done. I went to look, and I couldn't even tell that he did anything. It was already very dry. Upon further investigation I discovered that Mr. Steph mistakenly "stained" the deck with turpentine... LOL! (FIL had left a brush in a paint can with turpentine in it and it had turned the colour of our stain. (Dragon Red. Steph loved the name hehe.) So I got the real stain and decided to redo the whole deck floor surface. It looks pretty good now! I can finally bring my patio furniture on the deck as soon as it's sunny hehe. Saturday night we went to Simcha's birthday party, that was fun! We crossed paths with no less than 12 police cars on the way home. I don't know if it's always like this on Saturday night or what, we wouldn't know we're always home on Sat nights normally hehe. Or not out that late at least.

Sunday I had lunch at Mexicali Rosa's with Guylaine. We shared a veggie nacho, YUM. Then I had ordered a Quesedilla dinner... well I've never seen a quesedilla that looked so much like a taco in a pita in my whole life. I even asked the server if 'that' was really a quesedilla. They assured me that it was. A thick pita type wrap, with 5 cubes of steak in it, a pinch of lettuce and some sour cream. No salsa. No cheese. it was folded like a taco but wouldn't stay folded. Right. Then when I had my bill, it said "Taco Dinner". Whatever! Sunday night we relaxed. We are both sooo sore in the back of the thighs, last night we were trying to massage each other but it tickled like hell so that didn't work out too well LOL

This morning I'm up 7.5lbs. FAWK!! I hope some of that is bloating.

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