Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend Update

Another great weekend! We had gorgeous weather, and we were quite productive! Friday night we relaxed; we watched "The US vs John Lennon", and "What Not to Wear". Saturday morning at 9am my in laws called to say that they were coming to help us stain our deck. Thankfully they live 2 hours away, so that gave me that much time to wake up, get ready and clean the house hehe. While father in law and Steph stained the deck (and everything around it, which they thankfully washed later with paint remover hehe), my mother in law and I worked in the yard and flowers. The yard is pretty close to being all 'set up'! I installed the fountain and everything.

At 5h30pm we were done and Steph and I had to rush to get ready to go visit our friends Jill & Jason, so the in laws left and I took Jill up on her suggestion to not dress up or anything hehe. So I went with my greasy ponytail and all. Jason works with Steph at IK, and once Jill read and commented on my "Reality Bites" blog, and her and I quickly became email buddies. And Facebook stalkers. We have so much in common! And we instantly got along. It was fun! We invited them to come over to our house some nice weekend in the near future :)

Sunday we went to Wal-Mart and bought a new tv stand. I finally convinced Steph to let me take the darn tv off the wall. The wires were getting on my nerves soo bad; they've been dangling there for a year! Enough! Now the tv stands on it's leg on the tv stand. But I couldn't find a tv stand like I wanted. (Dark wood, 4 shelfves, corner, in my price range.) So I don' t totally love the new living room layout, but meh. I'll have to do with what I have for now. I'm not sure that I'm lovin' the open concept as much right now. There just isn't enough walls in my living room to arrange my furniture right I find. Then we went to see "Knocked Up" which was pretty darn cute and funny. I just loved seing Katherine Heigl on the big screen! I recommend it, but I think my expectations were too high... It wasn't as funny as I had been led to believe.

I'll blog about the Prom challenge soon, I just wanted to find a picture first. I don't have a scanner but I could take a picture of the picture, Mindy style hehe.

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Rebecca said...

I really want to see Knocked Up but I heard the same thing from another person, it just wasn't as that will be one for Netflix. I can't wait til Oceans 13, yummy yummy George!