Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wednesday Challenge # 13 : Your Prom !

HBC#13 : Write about your high school prom. Pictures get you bonus points ;-). Where was it? What did you wear? Was it everything you thought it would be and more?

I took pictures of my pictures, Mindy style! Here I am with Phillip on Prom night 1997 hehe.

Yes, I went to the Prom with Jesus :

My prom night was absolutely amazing. I couldn't find a cute prom dress my size (Plus Sized clothes have improved a LOT in the past 10 years.) so I designed my dress and my mom made it for me. I really loved it. I went to the prom with my friend Phillip, and we went our separate ways after the proms, at 2 different after partys. Well I was just going to go home after the Prom, but while at the Prom my crush asked me to go to the after party with him !!! This was the magical part hehe I was always 'one of the guys', I still remember my prom night as my "Cinderella Night" hehe. There was the awkward bit where we had to drive his date home LOL I was sitting in the back, she was sitting in the front, crying. Then we went to the after party on the beach, neither of us had brought any alcohol but our friends took care of that and we became too drunk to drive anywhere, so we slept in the car. I made out for hours with my crush on prom night, in his car at the beach. Prom couldn't have been any more perfect. Exept maybe for the part where he ditched his date and drove her home with me sitting in the back hehe.

I got home at 7am the next day... I had every intention of sneaking in the house to avoid my mother's wrath, but unfortunately she was outside getting the newspaper when we rolled in. I got out of the car, walked up to her with my toes clenched and my breath held...ready for the screaming... and instead she just burst laughing and to this day I don't know why my mom didn't freak out like she always does hehe. I have a picture of my 'prom crush/prince' too, but I don't want to post it on here.. just in case someone would forward this to him and that would be weird hehe. You can email me if you wanna see it though :)


Rebecca said...

I wanna see!

Mindy said...


The pictures of pictures works well enough and is easier than scanning. Specially when you don't have a scanner! :)

Hobby Chef said...

I love that story, ESPECIALLY the part about driving the date home. Classic!