Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary in pictures

Well not really.. but they're random pictures that I took today and the bird was earlier in the week hehe.

Messy Bird ;)

Does anyone know which kind of bird this is? (I don't)

Stephane in his natural element. Making a mess in the living room.

Loki and his big bone.

His tag says that he was carefully handcrafter by a skilled artisan, and that his name is Scraggles. Then you flip the tag over and it says 'made in China'. But it's cute, thanks Steph :) It was attached to :

A beautiful rose!

And 12 of her friends! They're huge!!!
I'm so touched that he actually remembered! I told him that I would have been happy with one. Even a dandelion hehe. Just him remembering is what means a lot :)


Heather said...

First of all, happy anniversary!

And way to go, Steph! The roses are gorgeous! Getting flowers is always so romantic!

k8 said...

Roses are da ish! I kept a few dried pettles from all the flowers Colin gave me and we used that in the flower girl basket at the wedding :-)

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary!! BEAUTIFUL flowers - good job, Steph!

Jenn said...

The roses are beautiful.