Friday, May 18, 2007

Ready for the long weekend!

Yesterday afternoon at work it was only me and J and she said : aah why don't you bugger off for the rest of the day? I have to tell you that I love to joke around and make fun of the funny things my coworkers do, I just find it so funny. We're from different generations, what I do must be funny to them too hehe. But I love them all like a 2nd family. My coworkers in this office I mean, I definitely don't love all my head office coworkers this much hehe. Only some of them. I actually spend more awake time with those people than my family when you think about it hehe.

So I spent the afternoon cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. I vacuumed the split entry stairs, washed the little floor at the entrance, vacuumed the carpets, even washed under the carpets, washed some baseboards, the inside part of hte front door, vacuumed the whole house, washed my floors, and even vacuumed and cleaned our 2 wind fans which had gotten disgustingly coated in dust. Oh and I did tons of laundry. Where the hell did I find all that motivation? I have no idea. But at least now I only have my toilet, shower and sink (bath has been cleaned) to clean and I can *just* relax for the long weekend!!! (It's Victoria Day Monday for us Canucks.) Woot! THEN after I picked up Steph, we worked out. I'm sore this morning. Ow. My back. I'll take it easy tonight I think. Anyway I think I used up all of my stored energy reserves hehe. The only thing that sucks is the weather forecast for the long weekend : Rain, rain and more rain :/

So I think I'll watch copious amounts of HGTV, clear some of the DVR, finish The Life of Pi, work out sometime this weekend, My parents are/were? supposed to come at some point but now I don't know if they'll come because we can't work in the garden in the rain so much. Monday is my nephew Jean-Luc's birthday at Crystal Palace and then he wants us all to go see Shrek 3. Fun! Although Steph doesn't have the day off so if I go see Shrek without him he'll be upset. hehe.


MegWalterbach said...

Wow!! I'm so impressed with all of your cleaning. I only did our two upstairs bathrooms (minus the floors), the kitchen counters and sinks, dusted the downstairs, and vaccuumed the downstairs.... so I still have bathroom and kitchen floors to do and the upstairs to vaccuum and dust. Ugh. The good news is that I'm not planning on driving any where today (because gas is so high!) - so that leaves me a lot of time to do things around the house!

miika said...

Wow, good for you! When you're done there, want to come over and do some cleaning here? LOL

Enjoy the long weekend, I hope the weather clears up for you guys!

Peeps said...

Arg. Now I have to clean MY house, you're making me look bad lol. WE're picking up our puppy on Sunday so it's a MUST that we declutter our house.

Hooray for Shrek 3 and working out!!! You're doing awesome. Soon it will be time for you to join me on puppy walks eh!