Thursday, May 03, 2007

Open mouth, insert foot

shit shit shit. Why do things like that happen to me?

There were a bunch of people in the boardroom and one of my colleges from another office, everytime he comes here he opens our little fridge and he brings water bottles for everyone in the meeting. We take turns buying the coffee and the cream and sugar etc here, so that I dont mind as much but I'm the only one who drinks water. I buy a case of water for myself, but then when people ask for water of course I give one of my bottles, but when it's like 10 bottles that dissappears at once it's more annoying kwim ? We should have water bottles just to give to clients but they won't pay for that, we tried. They wont' get us a water cooler either.

Anyway.. all that rambling to say that the collegue left, then I was in the kitchen washing all their cups and stuff and as my coworker J was saynig bye I started to go off about how I can't afford to pay water for everyone on my little salary. (They all make like 4 times my salary.) I was telling her how next time I'll plan to say a little something to the collegue etc. Well she leaves and as I'm walking back towards my desk he comes out of the ladies washroom (??) that's situated RIGHT next to the little kitchenette.

O.M.G. He definitely knows now. I nearly fainted when he came out. I'm sooo embarrassed. I'd give a whole case of water to turn back time and take it back. Shit. shit shit. His face was beet red because 1 - he was in the ladies bathroom ? 2 - he was there a long time so since I obviously didnt know that he was in tehre and that that he was there a long time, we both knew that he was doing something smelly in there 3- he obviously heard my little frustrated poor secretary rant.

Ugh I feel horrible. He's the nicest guy too. I think that he truly doesnt know that I pay those things myself..... Ah well, nothing I can do about it now...


Hobby Chef said...

Why in God's name was he in the ladies' bathroom? (That makes me think of last night on "The Office" when they were all hanging out in the ladies' room.)

RoseAnn said...

I think that's a blessing in disquise. Now he knows how you feel and that you're paying for the water; maybe he'll behave differently next time there's a meeting?

And I agree...why was in the ladies' restroom?!

Lisa said...

I agree with Roseann, just think about the water you'll save ;)