Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day

I've been procrastinating, but here's my Mother's Day weekend : My parents came down Sunday and brought their dog Belle (aka my sister), my brother, his gf and her 2 kids and their dog Rocky (aka my nephew) also came. The dogs had a blast and so did we. We had a lobster feast! I had made a delicious potato salad and an equally delicious macaroni salad the night before. Since you all know I'm a procrastinator, it will come as no surprise that I was up until 2AM the night before making those darn salads hehe. They were perfect though :)

Mom insisted on visiting nearly all the garden centers and nurseries in the Greater Moncton area. To me a Home Depot weeping pussy willow is the same as a Kent weeping pussy willow. I'm definitely getting one of those this summer, I love weeping trees. I'm also contemplating planting a corkscrew hazel. We had fun! My mom bought me some nice bulbs for "Doggy Mother's Day" hehe. After the feast we searched and searched for those bulbs a good hour before we declared a search party had to be formed. My brother paused Guitar Hero II and found the bulbs 1.4 minutes later. Because he had brough them in the basement. Apparently mom had told him to bring them in the basement for some reason hehe. It would have been nice to find the bulbs before I looked in the trash bag and searched the kids potato salad waste. AND before my mom searched the trash again in case I had missed them. LOL!

Monday morning before going to work, as we were eating breakfast I noticed some traces of our Mothers day feast : lobster juice squirts dried on the wall. ew ! hehe Cleaned that up and that was Mother's Day 2007 :)

Oh and if you know me, you know that it's not unusual for me to spend about 1.5 hours in the Hallmark store trying to find just the perfect card for any occasion. Well I was at Walmart and Steph was grumpy so I had to be quick and there was a mob in the card section, I saw a cute one and I reached between 2 people for it and I read it it said something like "I used to be mortified when people told me that I'd grow up to be just like you mom" and then when you open it it says "Now I can't imagine being any other way". If you know me and my mom you know that we're constantly being mistaken for sisters hehe. Well not so much in the last few years because the years are catching up to her a little... (me too, but I'm not greying or wrinkling just yet). When I was a kid I used to be mortified when people pointed out that we looked terribly alike. Now it doesnt bother me anymore.. anyway it's funny that I picked this card in 30 seconds, it was perfect, and when my mom read it she teared up hehe.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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