Thursday, May 17, 2007

Holy Season Finales Batman!

Tonight is going to be such an awesome tv night that I might have an optical nerve orgasm!

The Office Finale
Scrubs Finale (Oh wait, zap2it was misleading it's NOT the finale tonight!)
Ugly Betty Finale
Grey's Anatomy Finale

Whatever am I going to do next thursday with none of these shows? I'll have to beat boredom by doing something useful and productive ? sheesh!

A TV Junkie's Thursday Night TV Schedule :

7pm - Lost Special (8)
8pm - Grey's Anatomy (8)
9pm - The Office (23)
10pm - Scrubs (23)
**record below**
11pm - L'epicerie (4)
12 am - Ugly Betty (135)


MegWalterbach said...

Yay!! I love these shows!! I'm sure the finales are going to be awesome. I'm also looking forward to the ER finale - I've always be a huge ER fan!

k8 said...

What does
7pm - Lost Special (8)