Friday, March 09, 2007

The Secret

Ever since Oprah had a show about "The Secret", it's on fire. I haven't even watched the movie yet, but just having it in my posession is helping great things manifest into my life I think. I'm kidding hehe. But since that recent trip to head office for the re-org meeting aka the night I came home and had a meltdown, things are looking up!

First of all, since 2 days after that meeting, I've been relatively busy here at work, taking on more responsibilities and being trusted to do more tasks. It's been great! I've even actually been complimented by 2 different people on a project I did which is nothing short of a miracle around here! Of course I didn't tell them that Steph was the one who added the pizzaz to it, which I'm sure is what impressed them lol!

There's that whole New York City possibility.... which has sparked other possibilities... like meeting a few of my very favorite bloggers, long time internet friends, friends that know me better than most of my real life friends hehe. If The Today show flies me to NYC, I'll be meeting Heather, Amanda, Justine and Kelsie doesn't know this yet, but we're forcing her to come :) And
Tina said she wanted to come along too, I can't HELP but get my hopes up. So much so that I want to talk to Tina and coax my husband into "letting me" go either way! It'd be TOO awesome for words.

Lately I've been feeling like I was vegging too much during the weekends. I Love to vegge around, but I've started to feel like my social meter was in the red. I think I have those invisible little meters over my head like in The Sims. Well all kinds of opportunities came up lately! Tonight is date night with Steph... we may stay in and do what we normally do on a Friday night and call it a date night just because it sounds like we did something interesting.. or we might go see Bridge to Tarabethia. Saturday I'm going to something that's going to be very fun!! But I can't talk about it yet because it's a secret 'party'. Sunday my mom and aunt are coming in town and we're going shopping at Costco. They don't have Costcos in Bathurst, to them it's a marvelous thing. But I think I'll definitely restock on those Kirkland miracle wipes hehe. (The miracle soap scum shower door remover I blogged about previously.) Sunday night Guylaine and I are either going out to eat or cooking something at her place and then we're playing a game of Trivial Pursuit DVD edition.

Not bad for an anti-social person huh ? hehe Maybe by the time Monday morning rolls around I'll have had my share of socializing for a month. :P Or maybe it'll get me craving even more socializing... who knows. I'll keep you posted :P


Lisa said...

Screw this Nanc, if you are all going to NYC, I'll fly my butt there too!

Kelsie said...

Yes, Kelsie knows. If I could log onto blogger from my home computer, I would have posted that you could count me in!

Let's just hope you get enough advance notice so that flights aren't overly expensive!!

I wouldn't pass up an oppotunity to meet you if I have a choice!