Thursday, March 08, 2007

My First Kiss

FYI - This post is for Healther's brilliant idea of a Wednesday challenge.... I know it's Thursday :P The idea is that each wednesday (I think? A wednesday anyway...) we're given a theme or a word or an image that we'll each blog about. It'll be interesting to see how everyone's interpretation differs and relates to each other's. What's funny is that another blog that I read came out with the same idea yesterday, only that blog group is french so I think I might start a 3rd blog, this one in french. I often feel like my french is beginning to rust. My spoken english is not that great either. What do I speak then ? The typical Moncton Chiac.

My very first kiss.

Growing up, my father was and still is a long haul truck driver. He would typically be gone 2 weeks at a time. My mother was a workoholic and an avid bowler. She arrived home after supper, changed into her bowling clothes and off she went again. She was president of the bowling league and she was president of Les Dames D'Acadie, and she was also involved with the Bingo committee. My brother and I have basically been raised by babysitters and relatives. For a summer, my mom drove us to one of my brother's kindergarden friend's house and his mother took care of us every week day that summer. Sometimes weekends too. Her name is Rita and she has 3 children : Steve (1 year younger than me), Sebastien (my brother's friend), and Martine (the baby).

I was in the summer between 3rd and 4th grade, about 9 years old. I thought Steve was so cute with his dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. All summer long I tried to look cute in my potato sack pants and my vuarnet t-shirts. LOL!! Remember those drawstring sugar/potato/budweiser sack pants ? He never noticed me. He was too busy playing in the dirt with other neighborhood boys. One day, I got fed up of being unoticed by him so I wore ALL of my best stuff. My potato sack pants, my vuarnet t-shirt, 2 pairs of neon colored socks so that the roll would be a different colour neon. My big black plastic watch, teal plastic dangling earings, 3-4 hair barrettes, 2-3 neon plastic necklaces and some strawberry shortcake strawberry-scented chapstick.

My attempt at looking fashionable backfired. Badly. I was in the living room playing with Martine when I overheard Steve say to one of his friends "Isn't Nancy pretty? She's normally pretty everyday, but not today!". OMG I was so crushed! The next day I gave up and went to Rita's as my normal self. After lunch, Steve asked me if I wanted to go for a walk in woods with him. OMG yes! Up home, almost every house has little trails in the woods that'll take you to other houses around the area hehe. When we entered the woods, he told me : I think we should kiss, do you want to ?

Beet faced, I told him "Hmmm maybe, let's walk further from your house in case one of the other kids sees us and tattles on us". He said ok and we walked until we were well hidden. Every 10 feet or so he kept asking "Now can we kiss? What about now? Are we far enough?". Finally I agreed that we were far enough. I asked him "have you ever kissed another girl?" He said "pfft of course, I kissed Cynthia and Nathalie" (The other day I saw an add in the paper and there was Cynthia opening an optometrist office, I was insanely jealous of her succes. She kissed Steve first AND she's a doctor now ? pffft :P)

"Okay... we can kiss if you SWEAR that you'll never tell anyone that we did it. I don't want to get in trouble."
"Ok I swear"
"Do you swear to never tell even your brother and sister?"
"Yes, can we kiss now?"
"AND you're not allowed to tell your dog either"
"My dog? He won't tell anyone!!"
"No, but someone might overhear you say it to him.."
"Right... I swear I won't tell anyone ever. Besides you."
"DON'T even tell me! Someone could hear... My mother would kill me!"

Then before I had the chance to make up another rule, he leans in really really quick, pecks my lips before I even have time to stop talking, I think... and off he ran away. LOL! But the next day I couldn't keep it in any longer and I told my mother that Steve had asked me to kiss him, and she nearly drove the car in the ditch. I told her that of course I had said no. hehe. Steve however, broke his promise of secrecy even quicker. When Rita called us in for supper, Steve came in skipping and hopping and announced to the whole house "Guess who's my new girlfriend?" I think the week after that mom found us a new babysitter.


Scatterbrain said...

Wow, you started young. I was much older...LOL, nbut I did get teased for being "green" all through school. haha. Thats such a cute story. Mine, not so much. But I'll blog about it anyways just so I can feelincluded. haha.

Hobby Chef said...

LOL - I can't just see you in your Vuarnet t-shirt!!!!