Wednesday, February 07, 2007

White trash at heart

Is it normal that I prefer lower thread count sheets? When we bought our king bed, (is it 2 years ago already?) I decided to splurge and spent a big chunk of cash on really high thread count sheets. Oooooh they are soft. But for some reason I really don't sleep well on them AT ALL! In fact 80% of the time that I sleep on them I get cold sweats during the night for some reason? Weird? Well give me a cheap 220 thread count bed sheet and I'm in heaven! I love when my sheets almost crinkle. Maybe I was a cat in a former life. I definitely have the lazy and finicky genes too :P

I bought 2 king size fitted sheets at the Superstore the other day for a whopping 5.33$ each, and they are the best freaking sheets ever! 220 thread count baby! LOL Steph did have a mini hissy fit because the new cheap sheets were 'too pink' apparently. hah! Well they were 5.33$... can't get too picky hehe. Tina said she liked the funky striped sheet hehe. Anyway, I think this weekend I might go see if they still have those in the clearance rack. Yep, I'm a white trash at heart :-D

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Lisa said...

You know what Nancy, you may be on to something! I've had super expensive sheets since we bought our new bed like 4 years ago and I've had night sweats since...I wonder if it's the damn sheets!! I'm going to have to try a lower thread count and test this theory!