Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hey you with the workout blogs...

You know who you are... I don't want to link because I can't keep track of who's blog is secret anymore LOL

Oh funny, one of you who I'm specifically addressing this to, just commented on my blog (popped in my email notification hehe) And I'm reading her blog right now (but interrupted to blog this). Am I confusing ? hehe

Anyways, you with the fitness blogs, have you considered joining SparkPeople? It is completely free and completely awesome. I re-discovered it last night actually. I LOVE the new features they've added. Love love love it. You should join, and create a sparkpage, so that I can add you as my fitness friends and try to compete with yall (yeah right hehe).

In fact, I'm very very strongly thinking about cancelling my membership. I really only use it to track my ww points. That's it. (There are free point calculators online if you look hard enough. I have one bookmarked..) But honnestly I have lost so much better and feel much better in the past week when I haven't even counted my points. I've just calculated calories instead. Since January 1st when I joined, I can't even say that I've been following it because I've only eaten all of my points allocation 2-3 times. I think that it's too many points for me. And will only let me 'tweak' it to remove up to 2 points, not more. AND Sparkpeople's trackers are a LOT better IMHO. And I love the articles. And you can't beat the price (free) as opposed to 21$ plus tax a month for something that I can have free anyways.

Okay one of the reasons I liked too is that it was nice having a machine tell me congratulations every week when I enter my new lower weight LOL But this week it told me that I was losing weight too fast and that I was going to lose all my hair! Pfft! I don't think that the machine takes into consideration just how fat I started at (and still am.) I don't think that 20.2lbs in 5 weeks is too fast for someone weighing in my range.

So yeah, all this to say that I think yall should join sparkpeople and find me on there :P (Click on the sparkpage link I posted)


Melissa said...

I do not have a workout blog, yet. But I will...just give me another month or two. ;)
I really wanted to congratulate you on 20lbs down!! Way to go!! And super congrats on the quitting smoking...that was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done!
Best of luck to you!!

Mindy said...

20 pounds! Nancy! That is awesome! Keep going, girl. You can do this!

Heather said...

Yay for the twenty pounds!!! You go, girl! And I *heart* SparkPeople, but I haven't gone there in forever. I'm sorely lacking motivation.

Rebecca said...

You are probably talking about Lori (or it could be me, as we both have workout blogs) but I joined spark people for a short time but I got too lazy with it, maybe I'll have to take another looksie!

And congrats again on the 20 pounds! You are awesome!!

Emily said...

Nancy - I saw in your reality bites blog that you are looking for a light cheesy pasta recipe. I have one for fettucini alfredo and one for mac and cheese from a great light cookbook - email me at and I'll forward if you are still interested.